Find Your Ocean Edge Condo Under $200,000

Find Your Ocean Edge Condo Under $200,000

Purchasing an Ocean Edge condo under $200,000 in Brewster is an affordable way to own your own piece of Cape Cod to live in or rent as an income property. The amenities available to owners and renters are second to none and make it a very desirable location to both buy and rent.

Ocean Edge Condo Under $200,000

Take a look at what Ocean Edge condos are currently for sale under $200,000 which is an amazing value for this sought after condominium community.

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When you consider the beautiful grounds, pools, fitness centers, access to the Cape Cod Bay beaches, and award winning golf course, this seems too good to be true. However, Ocean Edge has a condo style to match every taste and every budget making the Cape Cod dream a reality for most without compromising in the quality of the home you are purchasing.

Ocean Edge Memberships

Ocean Edge has a variety of membership packages to choose from. There is a sports package, a sports/beach package and a golf package. The golf membership gives you access to the exclusive and amazing 6,665 yard Nicklaus design golf course. The sports package gives you access to the pools and fitness centers on the property grounds. Lastly, the sports/beach membership gives you access to not only the pools and fitness center but also the Cape Cod Bay beach on the property.

The fees for these packages are separate from the association fees, so that needs to be taken into account when budgeting your upfront costs and monthly costs. In order to participate in the different memberships, there is an upfront/initiation fee as well as an annual fee for these packages. For details about pricing and what is included in these packages, take a look at the Ocean Edge Membership page. Purchasing an Ocean Edge condo under $200,000 is an affordable way to own a piece of Cape Cod and by joining the Ocean Edge club you also get access to these one of a kind and amazing amenities.

Ocean Edge Membership

Buying at Ocean Edge Brewster

Now is the time to purchase your Ocean Edge condo under $200,000 because you can not beat the value and options currently on the market. Ocean Edge is a highly desirable condominium community to live in and vacation during the summer time so whether you are looking for your forever home or an investment property it is the place for you to invest. Contact the team at Leighton Realty to schedule a showing at one of the five properties today. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and the #1 Agent in Brewster since 2007.

To view all Ocean Edge condos for sale take a loot at our Ocean Edge For Sale page.

Buying an Ocean Edge Condo as a Married Couple: What You Need to Know

Buying an Ocean Edge Condo as a Married Couple: What You Need to Know

Before I start talking about buying an Ocean Edge condo as a married couple, congratulations on your marriage or upcoming wedding! It is an exciting time in your life with endless possibilities ahead of you and your partner. Buying a home together is one of these options that are now open to you. Of course you could have bought a home together as an unmarried couple, but you may have put it off until after marriage figuring it would be so much easier to navigate. After all, we are familiar with the struggles that couples run up against when purchasing a house together when they are not married. Unfortunately, buying a house as a married couple is not too much easier due to the fact that some serious conversations need to be had before going forward with the home search. Here are some key pieces to discuss to make the home buying process easier for you and your spouse.


Chances are you and your spouse have discussed having or not having children at this point, but have you discussed how it would impact your finances? Although it is not a romantic way of thinking about it, having children is a huge expense, and it will draw a considerable amount of money from your budget. The cost of childcare is immense, and sometimes it is not worth it financially to have both partners work. If both partners continue to work when they have children, a significant portion of one of the paychecks will go directly to daycare.

On the other hand, one parent could stay home to save on the childcare expense, but that means your income could decrease by half. Could you continue to pay your mortgage and other expenses (such as utilities and car payments) if one of you stays at home or if you have a big childcare payment every month? It may seem early to discuss, but if you are planning to buy a home, the conversation needs to be had so you are not signing up for too big of a payment. A good rule of thumb when looking at mortgages is to plan on only paying 30% or less of your income on your mortgage. Just because you are approved for a $750,000 mortgage, does not mean that you should go out and buy a house for $750,000. Look at the big picture first.


Credit and Financial History

At the beginning of a relationship, you talk with your partner all the time. You talk about your interests, hobbies, taste in music, movies and everything in between. During this time, you are finding out whether you two are compatible and discovering more and more things that you love about that person. For a lot of couples, this talking does not include discussing their credit scores and financial history. Many consider the topic of credit score taboo and avoid talking about it all together. However, if you are planning on buying a condo as a married couple, you need to have the conversation.

If you are unaware of what your credit score is, call your credit card company to see if you can get a free report, or check one of the free credit monitoring websites such as Credit Karma. You need to know what your individual credit scores are before meeting with a mortgage lender. This gives you a chance to work on any credit problems either one of you have before applying for a mortgage. A low credit score could prevent you from getting a mortgage all together, or at the very least desirable interest rate. A high interest rate due to poor credit will cause you to spend way more on your home than if you cleaned up your credit in the first place. To find out more about how to fix your credit, “Clean Up Your Credit Score Before You Buy.”


Your Housing Future. Is Buying an Ocean Edge condo an option?

Another topic that needs to be discussed with your spouse is how long you plan on living in the home that you are purchasing. Is it your forever home, home for a couple of years or is it going to become your income property? If you’re planning to live in your home for just a couple of years and then convert into an income property, buying an Ocean Edge condo could be the way to go. Many people decide to rent their condos at Ocean Edge during the summer months, as they are very desirable vacation rentals for Cape Cod’s seasonal visitors. The amenities available to Ocean Edge tenants and the variety of floor plans are very appealing to summer visitors. See what kind of income you could expect from different style condos at our Ocean Edge Investment page.

If you are only planning on living in your Ocean Edge condo for a couple years until you are able to purchase a larger home so you can expand your family, you might want to look for an adjustable rate mortgage as opposed to a fixed rate mortgage. With an adjustable rate mortgage, your interest rate would be low for a certain period of time (typically 7 years), at which time it could change to any rate within a set limit. However, if you are buying a forever home, you would want to go for a fixed rate mortgage. A set rate mortgage tells you how much you can expect to pay on a monthly basis for the life of your loan. This makes budgeting much easier for families that plan on living in their homes for a long time.

Housing Future. Is an Ocean Edge condo an option?

Death and Divorce

As a newly married, or about to be married couple, the last thing you can picture is getting a divorce. Or worse, one of you dying. It is important when buying a home to determine how you are going to purchase the property in legal terms in case the worst happens. As a married couple, you have the home ownership option to joint tenancy or tenancy by entirety which is only granted to married couples. With this option, you can not transfer your portion of the property without your spouse’s consent. If one spouse dies, the other automatically has full ownership of the home. The second home ownership option is tenancy in common. This allows either spouse to transfer their portion of the property without the other spouse’s consent, and if one partner is contributing more to the property, protects their investment more in case of divorce.

Buying an Ocean Edge Condo as a Married Couple

Buying an Ocean Edge condo as a married couple can be stressful, but it is important that you are prepared because it is also a very exciting time in your lives. It may not be easy to have these conversations about finances and the future, but keep in mind you are building a life together. Get the tough conversations out of the way so you can move on to more fun conversations like what kind of tile you’re going to use in the bathroom and picking out color swatches for painting bedrooms! If you are buying a condo as a married couple, and need help in your search for the perfect place to start the rest of your lives, contact Michael Leighton and his team of professionals today! Michael Leighton has been the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and #1 Agent in Brewster since 2007.

Ocean Edge Brewster Condo Appraisals: What to Expect

Ocean Edge Brewster Condo Appraisals

An Ocean Edge condo’s selling price is determined by the seller’s real estate agent after doing his/her research on the condo itself and the price of comparable properties that had recently sold. Your real estate agent did their research when you decided to make the offer on the condo by checking the same stats, and determined a number you both were comfortable with offering. The mortgage lender does their own research to determine how much the home is worth by sending an assessor to find the value of the condo. Your idea of what the Ocean Edge condo is worth and the seller’s idea of what the condo is worth have nothing to do with the amount that the assessor finds the home is worth. The number the assessor comes up with is the only number your lender is concerned with, and will determine your loan. So who does Ocean Edge Brewster condo appraisals and what do they look for? Here is what you can expect when the condominium you are interested in purchasing goes through a home appraisal.

Who’s does Ocean Edge Brewster condo appraisals?

The appraiser is a non biased individual who has the task of determining the value of a piece of property. Not all home appraisers have to be licensed by the state, the law mandates that federally funded lenders only use home appraisers that have their state license to do appraisals for their properties. The majority of home appraisers belong to a national association of appraisers that requires them to act ethically, just as many real estate agents belong to national associations requiring them to act with a high ethical standard. Are the home appraisals always accurate? Typically home evaluations conducted by professional appraisers are pretty accurate. However, the accuracy of the appraisal is only as good as the information that the appraiser has regarding the property. If a home owner is on hand for the appraiser to answer questions, such as age of plumbing or flooring, the appraisal will be more accurate and complete. If the home owner is not available for the appraisal, the appraiser is still trained to make estimated guesses on the questions they are given to assess the property.

Who does the Ocean Edge Brewster condo appraisals

What Can Affect the Home Appraisal?

There are a number of factors that go into determining the worth of an Ocean Edge condo. The appraiser is trained to take all of these factors into consideration when coming up with the amount of money the home is worth. The local and national economy, foreclosures in the area along with where the home is located are some of the factors that have nothing to do with the actual property itself. The home is compared with other properties in the area to see how the condo stacks up to them, as well as the overall condition of the home and recent upgrades that have been done to the Ocean Edge home.

What Does the Appraiser Do?

Once the appraiser has gone to the property, they must inspect the condo completely from floor to ceiling, including the exterior. The home appraiser even takes a measurement of the home itself to make sure that they have the most complete information for their Ocean Edge Brewster condo appraisals. The appraiser then takes the assessment to their office to compare it with recently sold properties in the area, along with the other factors such as national and local economy, foreclosures and how this condo compares in condition to other similar properties. The appraiser goes a step further to check to see if there are any plans for development that might affect the home’s worth in the near future (such as a other large building developments coming down the road). All of this information is taken to the lender for them to make their determination. The best case scenario for both the seller and the buyer is that the appraisal comes in at the same price (or close to) as the sale price.

What does the Ocean Edge Brewster appraiser do

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The worst case scenario in regards to Ocean Edge Brewster condo appraisals for everyone involved is if the appraisal comes in below the selling price. At that point, the buyer has four options. The buyer could dispute the appraisal, ask the seller to come down in price, meet the seller half way in the price difference so they are approved for the loan, or the buyer comes up with a bigger down payment to decrease the loan amount. If you choose to dispute the appraisal and you feel it is not true to the home value, work with your real estate agent to find issues with the appraisal report. Double check the comps in the area to make sure that the appraiser did not make a mistake and see if the home’s upgrades are mentioned in the report. If you and your real estate agent feel that you have enough proof that the appraisal was not true to the home, the real estate agent can contact the lender to have a second Ocean Edge appraisal conducted. Typically appraisals are true, but mistakes do happen.

Ocean Edge Brewster Condo Appraisals: What to Expect

A lot goes into buying an Ocean Edge condo once you find the condo of your dreams. Appraisals are just one piece of the puzzle. Make sure you are ahead of the curve and know what to expect when buying your home by checking out our “Top 5 Home Buying Questions – Answered” blog. If you’re uncertain as to what to expect at the closing of your property, see “Hidden Costs of Buying a Home.” The best way to prepare yourself for buying a home is to go into the process knowing what to expect. Take the extra step and hire a real estate agent that is an expert in the area where you are buying property. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and the #1 Agent in the town of Brewster since 2007. Call Michael and his team today so they can find your dream condo at Ocean Edge.

8 Things You Should Not Say at an Ocean Edge Open House

8 things you should not say at an ocean edge open house

Honesty is always the best policy, unless you’re a home buyer at an Ocean Edge open house. It is always a good idea to be honest and forthcoming with your real estate agent, but you might want to hold your tongue when dealing with the seller’s listing agent! Your real estate agent is obligated to you, and the listing agent is obligated to their client, the seller. Ocean Edge is a great place to buy, just check out our blog “5 Reasons to Buy a Condo at Ocean Edge.” Before you walk into that Ocean Edge open house, take a look at these 8 things you should not say at an open house to make sure you put your best foot forward, and not right into your mouth instead.

“I can spend $….”

Before you go to an open house, you should have an idea of what your budget is to spend on a home and what you can afford. It is a good idea to get a pre-approval letter from the bank so that when you find your dream home, it is easy to secure financing for that home. Your real estate agent should have an idea of what you can spend, but the seller’s real estate agent doesn’t need to know how much money you have in your purse to work with. Letting the seller know what you can spend on a home could hurt your ability to negotiate the price later if you decide to buy the condo. When calculating your budget, remember to keep in mind the money you need to come up with at closing. Find out about these closing costs in our blog, “Hidden Costs of Buying a Home.”

“This is the Ocean Edge condo of my dreams!”

Buying a home is an emotional experience. It is not just a financial transaction, it is deciding on where you’re going to spend your time and possibly have a family. It is important that when you are looking at the Ocean Edge open house, you contain your excitement for the condo even if you feel that this is the one you want to buy. It is perfectly acceptable to express to your real estate agent your desire to purchase the condo, but you do not want to let the seller’s agent know that you love the unit so much. This will give the seller the upper hand, and could hurt your price negotiations. If the seller’s agent knows how emotionally attached you are to the home, they will be less likely to lower the price because they know that you are already planning room colors for the different bedrooms in your mind.

ocean edge condo of my dreams

“That dining table set is tacky!”

Just as your mother has told you before, if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all. Insulting the taste of the seller to the seller or the seller’s agent at the Ocean Edge open house will not get you any extra points when you submit an offer. If the seller has different taste than you do, it does not impact the property and is not worth mentioning. However, comments such as those might impact you if you are interested in purchasing the property. Negative comments about the decor could be taken personally and you could automatically be taken out of consideration if multiple offers come in for the condo at Ocean Edge. Sounds childish, but it is their choice and it has happened.

“I can’t wait to get rid of that!”

This is the same as commenting on how hideous a person’s taste in furniture is, you should keep the negative comments to yourself. Keep in mind this is someone’s home. You might not think that the owner is there, but some owners want to be present at their open houses, and linger trying to fit in as a potential buyer. Remember that this is someone’s home where they have built memories, and keep the negative comments to yourself. The owner could easily reject your offer or up their price if you do decide to make an offer purely because they were offended by your comments.

i can't wait to get rid of that

“I will give you (a really low offer)…”

Offering a low ball offer as a buyer could backfire. The home owners have the right to flat out refuse any offer, without countering. If the home owner refuses, you are out of the running. If you are working with a real estate agent, trust their judgement when it comes to offering a price that the owner would find fair and still consider a good deal for you. You want to make an offer that is either perfectly acceptable for the owner or a good place to start price negotiations. Do you have the right real estate agent? Find out by reading our blog, “5 Reasons to Be Thankful for a Great Real Estate Agent.”

“Why sell this Ocean Edge condominium?”

The condo you are looking at might seem like a dream come true, and you couldn’t imagine why the seller would want to part with the property, but under no circumstance should you ask why they are selling at the Ocean Edge open house. You might be curious, but you are likely opening up a can of worms which will make the sellers uncomfortable. The reasons for selling the property could be extremely personal and embarrassing for the owner, making them feel uncomfortable. The seller is obligated to disclose any issues that they are aware of to their real estate agent who is obligated to tell potential buyers. So if you’re worried that the condo is being sold due to a defect or structural issue with the home, it would be disclosed to you.

why sell this ocean edge condominium

“You’ll never sell at this price”

The more houses you look at, the more of an idea you get about what homes are worth. It’s easy to feel like an expert once you have been to an open house or ten. However, not all houses are priced the same. Village location, layout, improvements, etc impact the price of a home. The seller’s real estate agent took all of this into account and came up with a price for the condo for a reason. Maybe they left room for negotiations, but if you are interested, discuss price with your real estate agent. Negative comments regarding the price at the open house will not help you buy the unit. Trust your real estate agent to help you come up with a reasonable offer for the property so no feelings are hurt, which could ultimately hurt your chances to buy the Ocean Ege condo.

“What Do You Think of Living Here?”

Quizzing the neighbors about the neighborhood is not the kind of first impression you want to make at the open house if you’re thinking of buying the property. It’s natural to want to get an idea of what it’s like to live in the home you’re thinking of purchasing, but don’t come off as a pest to a neighbor you’re going to have to live next to for a period of time. If the neighbors seem friendly and initiate a conversation, it is totally acceptable to casually ask, but keep in mind that everyone is different. What one person sees as a great aspect of a neighborhood might completely turn you off. Take a look around and research the area yourself to get an idea as to whether it is a good fit or not.

Things You Should Not Say at an Ocean Edge Open House

When you’re attending an open house at Ocean Edge, it is important to keep in mind the things you should not say at an open house. It is always best to keep your opinions to yourself whether you love the place and want to make it your own, or if you really do not care for the property. Negative comments will not help you purchase the property, which is ultimately what you want to do. Contact our team at Leighton Realty to help you with the purchase of your Ocean Edge condo. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and the #1 Agent in the town of Brewster since 2007. Contact us today and let us help you find your dream condo at Ocean Edge.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Condo at Ocean Edge

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Condo at Ocean Edge

Purchasing a home can be very stressful. First, you need to find the right condo that you can afford in the town you would like to live in. Then you need to find a condo that has the amenities that you need with reasonable condo fees. It can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, you have taken care of a lot of the stress already by deciding that you are buying a condo at Ocean Edge. The amenities are second to none, and there are so many different condo layouts to choose from, you can’t go wrong! Brewster is centrally located on Cape Cod, so you can not beat the location. You have made a wise decision when you decided that you are going to be buying a condo at Ocean Edge in Brewster!


Before you obtain financing for your mortgage, many financial institutions are insisting upon a letter of pre-approval in order to consider you for a mortgage product. Obtaining pre-approval in advance almost guarantees that you will be approved for a mortgage from a lender. Finding the perfect Ocean Edge condo, doing your research and not going ahead and getting pre-approved before applying for a mortgage with a lender could result in heartache for you as the buyer. Do yourself a favor and go for the pre-approval in the very beginning of your condo search for piece of mind and make financing through a mortgage lender a breeze.

Mortgage pre-approval


It is vital that you understand what it is going to cost you to buy your condominium before you even begin the purchasing process. This means understanding what you are expected to bring with you to the closing of your condo as well as what it is going to cost you every month to own your property. Before closing on your property, you need to decide whether you will come up with closing fees, have the owner cover the closing fees you accumulate, or if you are going to roll them into your mortgage payment. To find out what fees you can expect at closing, check out our blog “Hidden Costs of Buying a Home.

There are 5 components that make up your monthly housing bill. These 5 components are: principal, interest, taxes, insurance and condo fees. The principal is the money that is coming off of your selling price. The interest is the interest on your loan that you are paying off. The taxes are your assessed property tax and the insurance is your home owners insurance. The condo fee takes care of the exterior of the property (including landscape) and your membership package (if you choose to purchase one through Ocean Edge). It is important that you also figure in that you are going to be paying for monthly utilities. Ask your realtor to ask the current owners to give you an idea of what their utilities were during the summer and winter months so that you have an idea of what you could spend on your utilities.


Credit is a vital part of your ability to secure financing from a mortgage lender to buy your home. Mortgage lenders have strict guidelines you must fall into in order for you to qualify for different mortgage products with their institutions. This is why it is so important to have a handle on your credit before you start the house buying process. There are free apps and websites, such as Credit Karma that give you an estimated credit score so you can see what your credit score is at any time. Any changes that occur to your credit such as starting a new job, closing a credit card or a late payment will negatively impact your credit score, which could jeopardize your financing and ultimately buying a condo at Ocean Edge. For more tips on how to build your credit, check out our blog “Clean Up Your Credit Score Before You Buy.”

Credit Report

Budget & Timeline

Before you begin the process of buying, it is important to ask yourself what your personal timeline is for buying a house. Are you in a rush to find something right away because you just sold your home or is your rental lease ending soon? Maybe you’re staying with family while you look for a house, or have a month to month lease that is more flexible and allows you to take your time in searching for the perfect house.

Your personal timeline plays into budgeting for your home. Keep in mind that you are potentially signing a 30 year fixed mortgage, so how long are you planning on living in your new home? Since you have already budgeted for your mortgage payments, condo fees and other monthly expenses, you should have an idea of what to set aside every month to pay your bills. As long as you do not see your finances changing for the time that you plan on spending in your home, home ownership should be a breeze.

Prepare Paperwork

Every lender is different. Make sure you have all of the information you need when you meet with the financial institution to sign on the dotted line. Some examples of paperwork that you might need to bring with you is: divorce paperwork, birth certificates, bank statements, pay stubs, etc. Make sure you find out ahead of time what you will need, as some of the paperwork may take time to collect.

Paperwork for buying an Ocean Edge condo

Buying a Condo at Ocean Edge

Buying a home is stressful for anyone. However, if you are prepared for what is ahead, you can limit your stress if you know what to expect when buying a condo at Ocean Edge. Start keeping track of your credit score, secure pre-approval and obtain vital paperwork for your lender as soon as you decide you are ready to make the leap into home ownership. If you are currently renting and are unsure as to how to make the transition from renter to home owner, check out our blog “Renter to Homeowner: How to Make the Leap.”

5 Ways to Maximize Storage Space Of Your Ocean Edge Condo

5 Ways to Maximize Storage Space Of Your Ocean Edge Condo

Are you planning to maximize storage space of your Ocean Edge condo? When moving to your new Ocean Edge condo (take a look at our 5 Reasons to Buy a condo at Ocean Edge), it is important that first you decide what you need to bring with you, and what you can part with. Once you decide what you need to keep, the challenge is how to keep necessary items accessible and still out of the way so your space is not too cluttered. When transitioning from a large space to a smaller space it can be challenging to fit all of the items you have accumulated throughout your life into your new condo. The idea of living in a smaller space because your children have grown up and moved out, or if you’re a single person who does not need a lot of space can be very appealing. Finding a storage solution for your belongings is important because a cluttered home will make the space seem smaller and less inviting. A clutter free space is more relaxing and functional because everything has its place, and it is put away off the counters and tables. Follow these creative and easy storage options to maximize storage space of your Ocean Edge condo today!

Creative Furniture Options

Look for multipurpose furniture pieces for your home. Wet coats, boots and gloves/hats can damage furniture and flooring if not properly stored. A bench with a tall back with hooks on it and baskets underneath the bench is a practical and easy way to prevent the clutter of boots and coats laying around damaging your property. Replace furniture that does not offer extra storage space for more practical pieces. Coffee tables with storage space underneath and hollow ottomans are great living room storage options for the room. In the bedroom, choose a bed with drawers underneath it or with plenty of room under the bed for you to put your own storage containers. Keep your seasonal clothes, shoes, books and momentos in those storage containers to free up space in your closet and around your room. A clutter free space instantly makes the room more relaxing.

Take a Good Look at Your Space

The solution to your storage problems might be more apparent than you think. For example, taking out the bulky cupboard in your kitchen and replacing it with shelves or a slender wire kitchen rack will allow you to open up more room in your kitchen, making it feel more spacious and still maximize storage space. Shelving in the kitchen is not only a great storage option, but also a time saver. It is easier to put your goods away on shelves than taking the time to organize a cupboard. Sometimes the solution to your storage issues are right under your nose. Are you utilizing the space as efficiently as you could? Ask your friends and family if they see any solutions your have not seen to maximize storage space of your Ocean Edge condo.

Divide Your Space

Separating your space into functional rooms with a book case not only provides storage space for your books and trinkets, but it also creates defined areas within your home. If it is within your budget, you may have a custom built in installed in your unit so it is the perfect size for your condo, so you can maximize storage space. However, there are more cost effective options at inexpensive furniture stores such as Ikea where they sell pieces of bookcases that you can buy to fit into your space to create the same effect.

Divide Space for you Ocean Edge condo

Washer Dryer

If your condo has a full clothing washer and dryer setup, consider a stacking washer dryer combo unit. The capacity of those stacking units has increased over the last few years, and with the option of a front loading or top loading washer, you will have the same quality wash with that unit as a full sized washer. If space is your only concern, purchasing a small stacking washer dryer is an easy way to hide away your washing setup and increase your living space. Switching to a stacking washer dryer unit will not only save your space, but it could save you money in the long run. If you choose a high efficiency unit, (which most of them are), you will save money on your utilities and on your cleaning products (high efficiency units call for less detergent and water to run than the older less efficient models). Keep your receipt after you purchase your washer dryer unit. At tax time, check with your accountant to see if there is a tax break for purchasing your high efficiency washer dryer unit.

Hide It Away

If you do not use it on a regular basis, but you simply can not part with it, then hide it away. Put it in a storage container under your bed, or in a tote that you can keep on the top shelf of your closet. The point is that you designate a space for items that you do not use on a daily basis so you know where to find them, but the items do not crowd your living space. These items could be photo albums, trinkets from your travels that you do not have space to display or sporting equipment. It’s important to take inventory of what you are bringing with you to your new space so that you can plan where you are going to store your belongings. That way you can map out where you’re going to put it all without running out of space.

Maximize Storage Space Today!

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re taking all of your belongings with you, and that your life circumstances might change. If you’re single now, you might not be in the next couple of years. Look at your Ocean Edge condo and plan what you can do now to better organize your space for accommodating more people and belongings to maximize your storage space. Choosing what is important to keep and what you can part with is the first step before organizing your items. Remember that clutter can make your space feel even smaller and uninviting to guests. Follow these tips outlined above and maximize storage space of your Ocean Edge condo today. Make sure also read our blog about “Finding Your Dream Condo at Ocean Edge“.

Find Your Dream Condo at Ocean Edge

Find Your Dream Condo at Ocean Edge

Buying a condo is a huge commitment. By signing a purchase agreement, you are agreeing to pay a large amount of money for your home every month over a 30 year period of time which not only includes your mortgage, taxes and insurance but also your monthly condo fees. With that being said, it is important that you do not rush your home buying decision and wait until you find your dream condo at Ocean Edge before signing on the dotted line. While you may not get all of the things on your wishlist for your dream condo at Ocean Edge right away, you can make a list of essentials that your home must have in order to purchase it, and work on making it fulfill your dreams in the coming years. Here is how you can find your dream condo at Ocean Edge.

Do Your Homework

One of many appealing things about purchasing your condo at Ocean Edge is that the property offers a variety of different condo layouts to choose from to purchase. The first thing you want to do when buying at Ocean Edge is familiarize yourself with the different Ocean Edge condo styles. There are all different layout options for your condo unit in the different villages located throughout the condo complex. Tour the different layouts and frequent open houses at Ocean Edge to see the condo types and see which setup makes the most sense for your lifestyle. Do you want one or two floors? How many bedrooms do you need and is a condo with a loft appealing to you? Some properties include garages, which can be appealing to many year round owners. Some features that are typical of a certain type of layout can be changed, so make sure you ask your real estate agent if there is a specific feature you are not sure of. For example, the townhouses have spiral or straight staircases. You may fall in love with a townhouse but dislike the spiral staircase. Fortunately, the staircase can be changed, as many owners do decide to do to their unit. If you’re not sure you like an open loft, some owners make their lofts partially or fully enclosed, giving them a little more privacy in that space. One thing that can not be changed is whether you like a one floor unit or two floor, or an upstairs versus downstairs unit. Touring the different condos will give you a clear idea of what is really important and what type of home you are looking for.

Location, Location Location

As they say in real estate, it’s all about location location location! Brewster is a beautiful town and you have already made a good choice in deciding to move to this town. Check our blog, “Moving to Brewster? 12 Reasons Why You Should.” You can always change the interior of your home, but you can not change where your home is located when buying your dream condo at Ocean Edge. Explore the property to find out where you would want the condo you purchase to be located on the property.

Resort Map - Ocean Edge Brewster Cape Cod

Would you prefer to be closer to the bike path, pool or Route 6A? Do you want to be close to the restaurants or the fitness center? Is access to the beach and/or golf course important? Avid bike riders prefer to be closer to the bike path which picks up by Ocean Edge. Ocean Edge is made of of villages on both the golf course side of the property and the bay side of the Ocean Edge condominium complex. Each village is home to units that have certain layouts that are specific to that village. Even those layouts vary a little within the village. For example, Howland Village is made up of all townhouses, unlike the Eaton Village which are all one floor units. However there is not a standard type of townhouse throughout the Howland Village, there are A style, B style and C style units. Once you determine which area on the property you like because of its location, ask your real estate agent about the surrounding villages and what types of condo units each house.


When thinking about buying a home, it is important to have a realistic budget in mind. Keep in mind that in addition to your mortgage payment, you will have to pay for utilities and condo fees. It all adds up fast and can hit hard if you are not taking these expenses into account. If you can not find a condo that fits all of your needs and wants within your budget, maybe consider a condo that is in your desired location and layout that fits your needs that needs some updating. As long as you’re in the area you want to be in, and the structure is appealing to you, the cosmetics can be worked on as you can afford to make the improvements. Focus on one room at a time or make minor adjustments to your property here and there to make it feel more comfortable for you to live in until you are able to finish it the way you desire.


By joining the Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club one gets access to a variety of Ocean Edge Amenities making this an ideal condo complex to own in. Depending on the type of membership you buy into you get access to swimming pools, fitness centers, … and even the private beach. How many homeowners on Cape Cod can say they have access to their own private beach? The answer is not many. You get also access to the recently built Beach Bar.

Beside the already mention amenities, another major draw to buying a condo here is the Ocean Edge golf course. It’s a Nicklaus Design golf course. The 8.5 million dollar project has been featured in magazines and is exclusively available to Ocean Edge golf members.

Ocean Edge Brewster Golf Course

Find Your Dream Condo at Ocean Edge

Buying a home can be intimidating. If you still have questions, check our our blog “Top 6 Home Buying Questions – Answered!” Ocean Edge has amazing amenities, multiple layouts and all are reasonably priced considering what you are getting for your purchase. This makes finding your dream condo at Ocean Edge easy as long as you have the right agent to navigate you along the way. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Sales Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004, so he knows Ocean Edge properties. Call Michael and his team today to see what condos are available at this beautiful property and start your search for your dream condo at Ocean Edge today!

5 Closing Day Problems and How to Fix Them

5 Closing Day Problems and How to Fix Them

Purchasing a home is a stressful experience for anyone. Closing day on your home is an especially difficult day because you are signing off on your enormous purchase, and accepting it as it is. Unfortunately, problems at closing are like death and taxes, inevitable. Issues pop up all of the time on closing day, so do not panic. Some problems are small and easily resolved, while others could make you decide to walk away from the purchase all together. Here are the top 5 closing day problems and how to fix them.


Typically the final inspection of the property is conducted on the day before or morning of closing day. The final walk-through is usually the source of the most unexpected problems for the buyer. This can be the most stressful of the closing day problems because the buyer has little time to react to any problems found during the final inspection. For example, a heavy rain storm could reveal a leaky roof issue or a basement that floods. It is difficult to assess the amount of work needed to make these repairs off the cuff unless you’re a contractor, so many times these issues cause the deal to fall through. However, last minute problems should not cause you to walk away from purchasing the home of your dreams. If it appears that a a big repair is needed, delay your closing until you get all the information. Arrange for estimates have have your repairs done by more than one contractor to get an idea as to how much it would cost to have the repairs made. Negotiate with the seller to pay for the repair, and put the funds in escrow. You’re so close to closing the deal, the seller will not want to start all over again, so they may be open to paying for some of the repair costs so they do not lose you as a buyer.

Property Issues


An issue with the title is one of the closing day problems that may require time to remedy. Taxes owed on the property or liens or disputed ownership of the property are issues that could delay your closing. A title company would bring these problems to you before or possibly on closing day. Issues or “clouds” on a title could include judgments against previous owners where money such as child support is due, and encroachments, or property line disputes for the property.


Typically you are approved for your mortgage at least a month before closing day. A lot can happen in a month, so changes in your credit are possible. Unfortunately, changes in your credit score can impact your mortgage approval. While waiting to close, it is important to pay close attention to your credit rating and watch it carefully. Any late or delinquent payments on bills or loans, applying for an auto loan or a change in jobs would all effect your credit score. If you need to buy a new car or leave your job, wait until after closing day so you don’t lose your mortgage. A change in credit score could cause your mortgage to fall through. It is a wise idea to touch base with your mortgage lender the day before closing to make sure that everything is in order. For more information about your credit and how to maintain it for purchasing your home, check out our blog “Clean Up Your Credit Score Before You Buy.”

Credit Issues


You fell in love with the home you are about to purchase for a number of reasons. Make sure that the furnishings or window treatments that were in the house when you first saw it are not part of the reason you fell in love with the home and decided to buy it. If you can’t imagine living in that house without the window treatments, and it is a big part of your love for the home, make sure that it is part of your agreement that those furnishings are left with the house. A problem buyers have on occasion is assuming that certain things would be left with the house when it is purchased. You could love how outside the kitchen window there are blooming rose bushes lining your view. Standing in that kitchen for the first time during the open house, you might have imagined yourself washing dishes overlooking that beautiful garden view. However, those rosebushes could be a gift from a deceased relative, so the previous owners are planning on taking them with them when they move (true story). Ask yourself if there is anything in or outside the house that makes the house more appealing to you.


The biggest part of closing day is the transfer of money to purchase your property. Some banks require certified checks, while others prefer to use electronic transfers. Assuming that the bank will accept one instead of the other can hold up the closing because the bank might not accept your transfer method. Avoid this unnecessary hold up by finding out from your real estate agent and mortgage provider which method you should use to transfer your money to purchase your home. Double check all account numbers and exact dollar amounts to avoid any silly mistakes that could hold up your transaction. Do you have all the funds needed for closing day? Check out our blog Hidden Costs of Buying a Home to find out what to expect to pay on closing day.

Money Issues

Closing Day Problems

Closing day problems can put a damper on your closing day celebration, but most of the time they do not mean that the deal is off. All of these problems, property issues, title problems, credit score changes, and money transfer errors could delay your closing day, but they are not necessarily deal breakers. Closing day problems can cause the home buyer (and seller) extra hassle and headache but if the two work together, most problems can be resolved. Check out our “Top 4 First Time Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid” to make sure that you’re prepared for buying your first home.

Home Warranty: Do You Need One?

Home Warranty - Do You Need One

Buying a home is a huge step that comes with a lot of responsibility. When renting an apartment or house, any repairs that need to be done to a property are covered by the landlord or property management company. As a homeowner, you are responsible for arranging and paying for your own home’s repair. First time home buyers are often caught off guard by the cost of routine as well as unexpected repairs that come along with owning a home. Purchasing a home warranty for your home is a great way as a first time home buyer to protect yourself from the cost of unexpected repairs with your new home.

Repairs for Your New Home

All of the systems and appliances in your home have a life cycle and can go at any time. It is important to be prepared for the unexpected when buying a new home. Your heating system could go down in the middle of the night mid February when the temperatures are hovering around freezing. Who would you call, how much will this cost you and how quickly will this be resolved? The cost of the repair and choosing the right person who will give you the best results at a reasonable price is usually the biggest concern for new home owners. How do you protect yourself and prepare for one of your vital systems or appliances to break down? One way to prepare yourself and cushion the blow of a costly repair could be a home warranty.

Repairs on Your New Home

Who Should Purchase a Home Warranty?

If you are a handyman (or woman) who feels confident in their ability to fix anything, a home warranty might not be necessary. However, if you are not very handy, you might want to consider a home warranty. People who are used to renting and relying on a landlord to fix various problems are good candidates for home warranties. Real estate investors who are not able to do repairs for their tenants purchase warranties to avoid the hassle and headache of arranging repairs for their tenants. A lot of people work long hours, and do not have the time to find the right repair person to get the job done right the first time, so home warranty companies are a great solution.

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is similar to that of an extended warranty if you were buying a car at the end of their factory warranty or an insurance policy on your smartphone to cover screen or water damage. For about $300-$900 per year, you could purchase a home warranty. If one of your system breaks, all you have to do is contact your home warranty provider to tell them what has broken. You could usually either call them or submit a claim online on their website. The home warranty company will then contact the contractor they have a relationship with to go to your home and repair or replace the system or appliance. For every incidence you will be responsible for paying a co-pay (as you do with insurance), but all other repair costs or replacement costs are covered by your policy.

What is a Home Warranty

 When Should I Purchase a Home Warranty?

You can purchase a home warranty at any time. You do not have to make the decision when you first buy your home whether or not you want to make the commitment of choosing the right home warranty. It is important when considering a home warranties that you do your homework and shop around. All warranty programs are different, so you want to make sure you inspect the different policies to see what is covered and what the premiums come to. Keep in mind that the older your home is, the more coverage you will need. If you got a home inspection before purchasing your home, you will have a general idea as to the life expectancy of your appliances and services. Pick a home warranty that fits your home’s needs.

Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance

Home warranties are often confused with home insurance. Both warranties and insurance protect your home, but they cover completely different things. Home Insurance covers: roof damage from a hail storm, damage from a tree limb knocked into your window during a storm or a kitchen fire damages the walls. A home warranty would cover: your ac stops working suddenly, the oven is not working or your furnace won’t turn on. Home insurance covers most damage done to the structure of your home. A home warranty covers the repair or replacement of the SYSTEMS inside of your home due to normal wear and tear. If your clothing dryer door falls off because it’s old and has been used countless times, that would be considered normal wear and tear, which would be covered in your warranty. However, if your clothing dryer door falls off because your two year old was jumping on it when it was opened, that would not be considered normal wear and tear, therefore not covered by your warranty.

Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance

Should You Consider a Home Warranty?

Being a first time home buyer, you may feel overwhelmed by the whole home buying process. Check out our blogs Top Home Buyers Fears & How To Face Them and First Time Home Buyers Mistakes to Avoid. If you are a first time home buyer, do your research and find out if a home warranty is the right choice for you. Check out a couple of different warranty vendors to see what they offer and at what cost. Some properties will offer home warranties when you purchase the home. Sellers sometimes offer a home warranty as an incentive to purchase their home. There is no rush, so there is no need to decide before purchasing your home whether or not you want to buy a warranty before moving forward with making an offer on a home. Some people have the advantage of having a family member or friend who is an electrician or plumber so they do not have a hard time finding a reliable contractor when problems arise. However, if you do not have those connections, it can be hard to find a contract that is trustworthy to get the job done right the first time.

If you have questions about your real estate purchase, contact the professionals at Leighton Realty. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and the #1 Agent for the town of Brewster since 2007.

Cape Cod Vacation Homes – 3 Things To Consider Before You Buy

Cape Cod Vacation Homes - 3 Things To Consider Before You Buy

How many of us dream of driving off for the weekend to spend time in our Cape Cod vacation homes. A second home in a favorite spot to escape the every day is a dream come true. While so many of us dream of owning a second home, very few actually take the plunge and make their wish a reality. Are you able to make the leap and purchase a Cape Cod vacation home? Here are a few things to consider before making the leap and purchasing your vacation getaway.

Can You Afford It?

Before getting swept up in the romanticism of owning a second home, take a look at your finances. Remember that taking on the financial responsibility associated with purchasing a home goes beyond just adding a second mortgage. In addition to paying for a mortgage and taxes on the property, you need to pay for insurance and all of the utilities of the home even when you are not there. Although you will not need to heat the home year round to a level of comfort for you and your family, it will need to stay heated to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter months. However what many owners of Cape Cod vacation homes do is just have their property winterized by a professional. Winterization typically includes turning off the water, draining the plumbing system and blowing the lines clear of any water to prevent freezing damage during the cold months. It also includes treatment of toilets and drains with anti-freeze.

Another thing to consider is that life is unpredictable, and so is your home. Problems pop up all of the time. One good rain storm could uncover a leak in the roof of your current home that needs to be addressed immediately. This unforeseen expense is one of many that could pop up in your primary residence or even your second home. Make sure you have a nest egg to draw from if and when unforeseen circumstances pop up. Buying however a condominium within a well run association is an option, so you’re not left alone with those unforeseen problems.

Since your second home is not your primary residence, and most likely a bit of a distance from where you live, you probably won’t get to visit every week. If you have children, they are likely involved in activities that keep you from enjoying your holiday home. A property that is not inhabited or watched over for periods of time could be a target for burglary. The good news is that you can just hire a property manager to check in on your property. It’s a wise expense if you can’t check in on your property a couple times per month. If the mail is picked up daily, lights are on occasionally and the property is maintained, it is less likely to be targeted. Another option is buying within a condominium complex which can reduce this risk in the 1st place.

Can You Afford It

Location Location Location…

Picking the location of your second home can be tricky. Your second home is your escape from the day to day, so you want to be removed from your everyday reality to truly relax and enjoy yourself. However, if you choose a spot that is too far from home, how frequently will you be able to get there to make it worth the upkeep of a second home? If you’re only going to be able to enjoy your second home a couple times per year, is it worth the money spent on the mortgage, taxes and utilities? Buying a second home far removed from your primary residence means that in addition to accounting for household expenses associated with the home, you need to figure in travel expenses to get to the holiday home. That’s why Cape Cod vacation homes are a great option for New Englanders. You’re on the Cape within a few hours of driving, so vacationing for a week,  just a few days or the weekend is possible. No need for spending hours of planning trips and expensive plane tickets.

Location, Location, Location

Can You Offset The Cost Of Cape Cod Vacation Homes?

One of the great advantages of Cape Cod vacation homes is that you can fairly easy rent them out as summer rentals. Since most likely you won’t be vacationing all summer long at your Cape Cod summer home, it’s a good idea to just rent any summer weeks you’re not able to be here. This will help offset some of the expenses associated with your second home. There are plenty of real estate agencies, especially in seasonal communities such as Cape Cod that can help owners rent their Cape Cod vacation homes. Our rental division helps property owners from Orleans to Barnstable get their vacation homes rented. See for yourself all the Cape Cod Vacation Homes we currently have in our inventory. We make sure your property gets booked on dates that you decide you won’t be able to be at your property. Take a look at condos currently for sale at Ocean Edge. These condos typically have a great rental potential which is outlined on our Ocean Edge Investment page.

Enjoy Your Cape Cod Vacation Home

Now Relax and Enjoy Your Second Home!

Purchasing a second home is a big financial commitment that you want to make sure is worth the money and upkeep before making the leap. The trick is to find a place that allows you to relax and escape the every day without breaking the bank. Now that you’ve done your homework, and took advantage of what Cape Cod vacation homes have to offer, it is time to enjoy the fruit of your labor! Thinking about buying a second home at Ocean Edge? Here are 5 Reasons to Buy an Ocean Edge condo. Contact Michael Leighton and his team at Leighton Realty today. Michael has been the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004. Check out our testimonials to see what current and past customers have to say about their experience with Leighton Realty.