Delight Ocean Edge Condo Buyers with our 3 DIY Decorating Tips

Your Ocean Edge condo is on the market and ready to sell. Suddenly you look around and see that some of your neighbors have also listed their properties. How do you set your condominium apart from the competition without spending too much money? You have a nice property, priced appropriately and you don’t want to spend too much of your profit on a home you are not going to be living in anymore. Here are 3 simple do it yourself, or DIY decorating tips that won’t break the bank. Your condo already has the curb appeal to bring Ocean Edge condo buyers to the door. Now you need to make buyers fall in love with your home when they step inside and see these DIY decorating tips you have done to set your condo apart.

Second Impressions for Ocean Edge condo buyers

A home’s curb appeal is a home buyer’s first impression of a property. Ocean Edge landscaping crews maintain the grounds. Ocean Edge condo buyers have a positive first impression of your home already without you having to do anything to increase curb appeal. The second impression is made when the buyer walks into your condo. To increase a buyer’s second impression, some DIY decorating tips include creating an entrance way to your condo that will appeal to the buyer.

Regardless of the size of your condo, you can set the tone for your home by decorating your entrance. A small entrance with little room would benefit from a mirror to make the space feel larger and a nice entry floor mat. If you have more space in your entryway, a small table with flowers or potted plant and tasteful decorations would be appealing. Make sure that your entry is free of clutter during the time that your condo is listed on the market. You never know when someone might call for a tour of your home and you want to be ready. For more on how to make your condo stand out from the competition, check out our blog “7 Tips to Becoming the In Demand Condo at Ocean Edge.”

Second Impressions for Ocean Edge Condo Buyers

Give Your Home Character

One of the first pieces of advice your real estate agent will probably give you to get ready for showing your home to Ocean Edge condo buyers is to depersonalize your home. While it is true that you should take down personal pictures and momentos that might appear as clutter to people who do not have any sentimental attachment to them, make sure not to rid your home of its character. A home completely void of all decoration and accessories could make the condo appear cold and not inviting to the home buyer. You want the home buyer to feel comfortable in your space, so make your home look attractive but expensive at the same time. The little touches add value to the condo in the buyer’s eyes. The impersonal touches will still allow Ocean Edge condo buyers to visualize themselves living in the space, and maybe even give them ideas as to how to decorate the space once it is their own home.

Small details such as an ornamental throw pillow, candles and accent rugs are all small details that can raise the home buyer’s perception of the home’s worth. Choose a throw for your couch that is the same shade as one of the colors in a painting in the room. Attention to those small details will appeal to a home buyer’s emotions, drawing them in to the property and making it more desirable. Careful not to over do it. You want these small details throughout your space, sprinkled here and there and not overwhelming your home. It’s a delicate balance making a home look well decorated and not cluttered. So definitely remove any personal pictures in your condominium as your real estate agent suggests, but maybe invest in some accessories to decorate your condo. Pintrest is a great place to look for DIY decorating tips.

Give your Ocean Edge condo character

Small Renovations

Typically Ocean Edge condo buyers are looking for an updated kitchen and/or bathroom because it is one less thing that they have to do once they buy the home. Outdated bathrooms and kitchens are often deal breakers for home buyers. You do not want to break the bank and lose out on your profits by investing in a major remodel of your bathrooms and/or kitchen, so consider some cost effective DIY decorating tips to make your rooms feel less dated. In the kitchen, change out old knobs and paint or stain the cabinets to give your room some character. Check out our blog “5 Tips to Sell Your Ocean Edge Condo Above Market Price” for more tips on how to increase your home’s value in a competitive market.

Take a look at some home improvement magazines to see what is trending in kitchen remodels now and how you can inexpensively mimic the design in your current kitchen. Put in a back splash if you do not already have one that is on trend. In the bathroom, make sure your shower curtain liners are fresh or if you have glass doors on your shower that they are cleaned. Painting and switching out some outdated fixtures can go a long way. Get rid of Hollywood lighting because it is dated and replace it with something more modern. Large sheet mirrors in the bathroom are also considered very outdated, so if you are hesitant to remove and replace it, consider putting a frame around the mirror. Depending on the type of framing, it will set the tone for the room. A new sink or even faucet can make a difference in the room for very little money.

DIY decorating tips

You do not need to break the bank in order to invest in your home to make it stand out from the competition. Try these three simple DIY decorating tips and your home will instantly become more appealing to Ocean Edge condo buyers. To get an idea as to what other Ocean Edge condos have done to make their units more appealing, go with a realtor that knows Ocean Edge and has the experience selling condos in this one of a kind place on the Cape. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004. Contact Michael and his team today to get their expert opinion on your condo and what you can do to maximize your profits and sell your home fast.