Spring Cleaning Your Ocean Edge Condo to Get it Ready to Sell

Spring Cleaning Your Ocean Edge Condo to Get it Ready to Sell

Spring has officially sprung and now that the icy cold temperatures are behind us, it’s time to focus on spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo to get it ready to sell! The spring real estate market is always a hot time of year to sell properties, so make sure your home is warm and inviting instead of stuffy and worn from the harsh winter months. During the winter months a lot of damage is done to properties, whether you live there year round, or your condo is closed up for the season. In addition to cleaning, check out your decor. Our blog, “Delight Ocean Edge Condo Buyers with our 3 DIY Decorating Tips” will help you get your Ocean Edge condo ready for buyers during the spring real estate market.  The warm spring air gives you the ability to open all the windows, enjoy the warm sunshine and give your home a thorough cleaning. Here is how you can start spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo to get it ready to sell!

Clean the Vents

Typically when a home buyer is touring a home, they do not look up, but if they did would they catch a glimpse of a dirty HVAC vent? You have lived in your home a long time, you’ve been cooped up in your home all winter or haven’t seen it all winter because it’s been closed up. When you are spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo, you could easily overlook cleaning those heating and cooling vents. Your system carries a lot of allergens, which during the spring months we get enough of as it is. Dirty vents could make potential buyers wonder how often the filters and vents had been cleaned, and what kind of allergens could be lurking inside your system. Make sure you clean not only the vent covers, but you also change over the filter so that clean fresh air circulates throughout the condo and not dusty, stuffy air. If this is your first time selling your home, and you’re not sure what to expect from your first open house, check out our blog, “Top 7 Open House Mistakes Sellers Make.” This guide to open houses will help you understand what to expect and how to avoid common sellers mistakes during open houses.

clean vents


The cold winter months have blanketed your home with a coating of dust, and it is time to shake it off. It is surprising how much of a difference simply dusting your home will make, so it is important not to forget to do this when spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo. It is especially important to remember to clean your blinds. The blinds in your condo let in the light, so you do not want to filter that light through the dust because it will not appeal to home buyers. One dusting hack we have found for dusting blinds requires kitchen tongs, a pair of socks and rubber bands. Cover each side of the tongs with a sock, and secure with rubber bands. Clamp down on each blind and slide side to side. Cleaning your home thoroughly is one of the steps you can take to sell your home quickly. Read our blog, “Ocean Edge Brewster – How to Sell Your Condo ASAP” to find out other ways to sell your home quickly and for the right price.

Window Washing

Now that the blinds have been dusted, it is time to take care of those windows! Spotty dirty windows prevent the natural light from coming into your condo and making the place feel fresh appealing to home buyers. The cold winter elements do a number on your windows, as do little noses pressed up against them waiting to be able to go outside to play. Time to wipe those finger prints, nose prints and dirt off of the windows and let your condo shine. If you are not a fan of the window cleaning products that use harsh chemicals, there are plenty of eco friendly products that you can use that are just as effective as the products we grew up using. Next time you are in the grocery store, check out the organic / all natural aisle. There are plenty of cleaning products, such as Mrs. Meyers that are easy on your skin, clean just as well as the products that use harsh chemicals, and have a clean fresh scent.

Cleaning Windows in Your Ocean Edge Condo

Tracks Cleaned

Now that the windows are cleaned and the blinds are dusted, it is time to take care of your window and sliding glass door tracks. When spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo, it is important to pay attention to the details like these tracks and take good care of them so they stay in good working order. The tracks catch dirt, hair and debris which can cause them to catch and not close completely and eventually start wearing on the door. Not only does gunk built up in the track impair the door or window’s performance, the debris and dirt is also unattractive to the eye.  To get rid of the gunk in your track, take your vacuum to remove all of the loose dirt, debris and hair that has built up over the winter. Next you want to take a rag soaked in a vinegar and water solution to the track and clean all the stuck on dirt and grime. Once your track is cleaned, spray it down with a lubricant such as WD-40 to keep the track running smoothly. When spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo, it is important to pay attention to the details, such as the windows and sliding door tracks because although you might not think that a buyer would pay attention, but after a long winter, this is the time that your condo needs that extra attention.

Spring Cleaning Your Ocean Edge Condo

Spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo is important when selling your home because the winter is tough on the interior of a home. During the warmer months, many of us are out and about, so our homes are generally ready to be shown to potential buyers at any time with little prep needed. During the winter, many of us go into hibernation mode, so making the condo ready for showings can be difficult because your home has accumulated a season worth of rock salt, dust and fingerprints. Take the time to really do a thorough cleaning of your home so that you appeal to more buyers. If you are not interested in cleaning your home yourself, you could always hire a local cleaner to come and do a deep clean of your home for you. This money will be money well spent, and an expense you will not regret if you don’t have the time to clean your condo thoroughly yourself. Think your home might need a refresh? Check out our blog “5 Signs the Bathroom in Your Ocean Edge Condo Needs an Update” to see if sprucing up your bathroom could appeal to more buyers in the spring real estate market.