5 Tips to Prepare Yourself Financially to Buy Your Ocean Edge Condo

Purchasing a home is a huge financial commitment, how do you know if you are ready? There are a number of factors to take into consideration when you are thinking of buying a home. You need to prepare yourself mentally, physically and financially. Mentally you need to get yourself ready for the amount of responsibility that comes along with owning your very own condo. Physically, you will find yourself doing a lot of projects around your new home that you have never done before to save yourself the money of hiring someone else to do it. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! Financially, you need to make sure that you are able to pay your mortgage on time along with your other expenses. How do you make sure you are financially ready to handle purchasing a home? Here are our 5 tips to prepare yourself financially to buy your Ocean Edge condo.

Create a Budget

Buying a condo comes with a lot of set expenses. You have your condo fees and your mortgage that unless you have a variable rate mortgage, should be set expenses. In addition to these set expenses, you also have expenses that are associated with your new home that typically stay the same but fluctuate. These expenses are your gas, electric, cable and other utilities for your home. These are all new expenses that need to be accounted for in addition to the expenses that you currently have to pay every month. Your current expenses include your car payment, student loans and credit cards. Creating a budget for yourself is the only way you can set yourself up financially to buy your Ocean Edge condo. Budgeting for a down payment can be tricky. Check out our blog, “How to Save for a Down Payment on an Ocean Edge Condo” for tips on how to put aside some money to make your purchase.

Create a budget for buying your Ocean Edge condo

Pay Off Your Debt

Paying off your debt before you buy your Ocean Edge condo takes care of two birds with one stone. Eliminating debt will give you more money in your budget for non essential items such as splurging on some fun or updating your Ocean Edge condo. Paying off your debt also helps you boost your credit score so that you can get a better mortgage product when you meet with a lender for a loan to purchase your home. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest on your loan, which means you will pay less every month. Want to learn more about how your credit score impacts your ability to purchase a home? Check out our blog, “Clean Up Credit Score Before You Buy.”

Look at Your Spending Habits

In order to create a true budget, you need to take an honest look at your spending habits. With mobile banking and credit card apps, it is easy to take a look at your spending to see where most of your money goes. This will give you an idea of where your money is going that you might not be aware of. Your findings when going through your financial statements may surprise you! You may have only budgeted $75 per month to fun, which could be going out to dinner or going to the movies, but when you check your statements you may find that you pay 3 to 4 times that amount per month. Looking at your actual spending habits will help you create your budget so you have a more realistic idea of where your money is going and what you can do to cut down these expenses so you can buy your Ocean Edge condo.

Look at your spending habits before you buy a condo at Ocean Edge

Make Some More Money

It may not seem like it is possible to do more than you already do now, but you may be surprised. Saying yes to a couple extra shifts at work, or a couple of overtime hours will make a difference in your overall budget. If your job does not offer overtime, picking up a part time job could be the answer. Serving or hostessing in a restaurant a couple hours a week can line your wallet with a little extra cash so you are not living paycheck to paycheck. It can also help you save up the money that you will need for a down payment to buy your Ocean Edge condo. Take advantage of living on Cape Cod in the summer time and see if you can find a part time job that fits your current schedule to make a little extra money.

Save Your Money

Once you have decided that home ownership is your ultimate goal, you need to start saving your money. When buying your home, you need to have money for a down payment. This amount varies depending on the type of mortgage product you will be eligible for. A down payment is one of the expenses you will be expected to come up with when closing on your condo. For more information on what expenses you are expected to come up with at the closing of your home, check out our blog “Hidden Costs of Buying a Home.” The down payment is not the only cost you can expect to have to pay up front at closing, so it is best to be prepared. Closing on your home can be stressful, and it can have its issues which could cause delays when purchasing your home. Check out our blog, “5 Closing Day Problems and How to Fix Them,” so you can see what could potentially go wrong and how to deal with it. Knowing the worst case scenerio can help you prepare so it doesn’t happen  to you and you could get into your condo sooner!

Save money to buy an Ocean Edge condominium

Prepare Yourself Financially to Buy Your Ocean Edge Condo

Preparing yourself financially to buy your Ocean Edge condo is essential in setting yourself up for success as a homeowner. For more tips on how to get ready to make the transition from renter to homeowner, check out our blog,  “Renter to Homeowner – How to Make the Leap.”

How to Buy Your Ocean Edge Condo After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can feel like a dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about because there was a social stigma associated with it. However, life does go on after bankruptcy. Approximately 800,000 people every year have to file for bankruptcy for one reason or another, so it is not as uncommon as one might imagine. At one time, a person that had to file for bankruptcy was thought of as a person that was irresponsible with their spending, and deserved to have to file. The Great Recession opened a lot of peoples eyes to the reasons that people file for bankruptcy, and eased the stigma of bankruptcy.

If you have found yourself in this situation, you may be wondering how long you have to wait before you can buy your Ocean Edge condo after bankruptcy. Although filing for bankruptcy may put a hold on purchasing your Ocean Edge condo, it doesn’t have to stop you from your dream of owning your own condo for long. Here is our guide to the different types of bankruptcy and how soon you can go ahead and purchase a property again.

Types of Bankruptcy

What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is an option for many people for a variety of reasons. Filing for bankruptcy can be a way for someone to eliminate a person’s debts entirely or a way for a person to set up a plan to pay off their debts. There are some types of bankruptcy that are easier to recover from than others. Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 are the two most common personal bankruptcy types. Chapter 7 eliminates all of your debt, while Chapter 13 means that you need to repay your debt that has accumulated within a period of time (usually 3 to 5 years).

Since Chapter 7 eliminates your debt, leaving you with a clean slate, it is easier to recover from and you will be able to get a mortgage quicker than with Chapter 13. With Chapter 7, your income to debt ratio is appealing because there is no debt, which is appealing to a bank or mortgage lender. In order to get a FHA loan before you are finished paying off your debt with a Chapter 13 loan, you could apply for a FHA loan if you meet one of two criteria. Either 12 months of payments must be made towards your plan or the court approves your request to purchase a house with a FHA loan.

Types of Bankruptcy

Debt and Credit

Filing for bankruptcy will put a dent in your credit score, there’s no way of getting around it. Typically when a person files for bankruptcy, they will find themselves with a credit score of about 607. Since you will then have a less than desirable credit score for a mortgage, the interest rate you are charged will be higher than the rate for a borrower with a higher credit score if you do get a mortgage product. A higher interest rate means paying more money per month towards your mortgage, which is not going towards paying off your Ocean Edge condo.

How do you fix your credit score so that you can get a lower interest rate so you can purchase your Ocean Edge condo after bankruptcy? The only way you can fix your credit score after bankruptcy is by building up your credit the old fashioned way. Open a credit card and start building your credit by making on time payments on the card. Be responsible with your spending and set little reminders so that bills are not missed, but paid on time or a little early. For more tips on how to build up your credit score, check out our blog, “Credit Score in the Toilet? Fix it before You Buy Your Ocean Edge Condo.”

Credit Debt

When Can You Buy Your Condo

Figuring out when the clock officially starts on your bankruptcy can be confusing. You want to know when you can put this behind you, and finally purchase your Ocean Edge Condo after bankruptcy. Some people believe that it starts when you initially file your paperwork and others believe that it is the discharge date. What do you believe? What date do lenders look at when you are trying to buy a home of your own? The answer is that the discharge date is the date that is important, not the bankruptcy filing date. Although there is no definite waiting period, you can expect to have to wait about a year and a half to two years before applying for a mortgage after bankruptcy.

Different lenders and loan products require different waiting periods before you are eligible for a mortgage. USDA Rural Development products require Chapter 7 filers to wait three years after discharge, and only one year for Chapter 13. VA (Veterans Administration) and FHA loan products typically require two years after discharge, but you could have to wait up to four years to be eligible for a conventional mortgage after bankruptcy discharge. Although this can feel like a long time to wait to buy your Ocean Edge condo after bankruptcy, you should use this time wisely and build up your credit. Building up your credit will help you when you are able to purchase your condo after bankruptcy.

When can you buy your Ocean Edge condo

How to Purchase Your Ocean Edge Condo After Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be a blow to your credit score and ability to get a mortgage for some time, but it should not be a blow to your ego. So many Americans find themselves in the position of having to file for bankruptcy, as we saw in the Great Recession and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Take the time that is required before you are able to purchase your dream condo to build back up your credit and savings, before purchasing your home. Taking care of your affairs during your waiting period will set you up for success when you do purchase your Ocean Edge condo after bankruptcy. Contact the professionals at Leighton Realty when you are ready to buy your Ocean Edge condo after bankruptcy. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and the #1 Agent for Brewster since 2007.

Buying Your Retirement Condo at Ocean Edge Before You Retire

It may seem early, but many people decide to buy a retirement condo 10 years before they actually retire. And what better place to retire than Ocean Edge! Ocean Edge is located in the town of Brewster, which is centrally located on Cape Cod. Since it is a condo, you do not have to take care of the grounds which is a huge bonus of condo living. In addition to the grounds maintenance, Ocean Edge has a number of appealing amenities available to owners that buy a club membership. There is an award winning golf course, swimming pools, fitness centers and much more. Check out our blog, “5 Reasons to Buy a Condo at Ocean Edge” to see why buying your retirement condo at Ocean Edge is a wise choice.

The small town feel of the Ocean Edge community of owners is another benefit of owning an Ocean Edge condo. Once you have made the decision of where you would like to retire, planning out the purchase of your property is the next step. It is never too soon to make this important decision. If you buy your retirement condo at Ocean Edge now before you retire, there are a number of benefits that you can take advantage of that would not be available to you if you decided to wait. Here are the reasons why you should buy a retirement condo at Ocean Edge now instead of waiting!

Mortgage Approval

When you are applying for a mortgage, as many people have to do when purchasing a property, your debt to income is assessed. It would be much easier to be approved for a mortgage while you are working verses when you have already retired and are no longer working. Your income to debt ratio is a big factor which would determine the size of the loan you would be eligible for. If you do not have reliable income, it can impact your ability to obtain a mortgage.

Another benefit of applying for that mortgage on your retirement condo at Ocean Edge is the ability to chip away at your loan before you stop working. The weight of a mortgage when retired is a big burden. Lessen your stress load by getting a head start on paying off your mortgage while you still have the reliable income coming in from your job instead of waiting. Things come up, and although your mortgage is a known expense that shouldn’t change during the life of your loan (unless you choose a variable rate mortgage), it is still an expense. If you can chip away at that mortgage, it is always in your best interest.

mortgage approval for an ocean edge condo

Fixing Up Your Retirement Property

When buying your retirement condo at Ocean Edge, you may have some renovations in mind. Now is the time when you’re working and have that income coming in to do these adjustments to the property so it is all ready for your retirement. If your condo has a spiral staircase, now would be the time to convert it to a straight staircase so it is easier to use as you get older. This will also save you the hassle of living through these renovations when you have retired. It is your second property, so you do not have to be there living in a construction site.

When you buy any property, you never know what you might uncover. Problems pop up from time to time, so you may as well find out now when you have the income coming in so that you can properly deal with any problems you might uncover. Plumbing issues, moisture issues, electrical or structural problems can all set you back significantly. If you are unable to pay to fix these issues out of pocket, at least you would be in a better position financially to secure a loan to cover the repairs when you have your job verses when you are not working.

Portfolio Boost

Owning a second home has its perks. You could use it for personal vacations, treat your family and friends or turn it into an income property! Renting your retirement condo at Ocean Edge could provide you with the money to take care of some of the burden of covering a second mortgage and the additional costs associated with owning that condo, or give you some extra pocket cash. If you are considering renting your retirement condo at Ocean Edge, check out our blog, “4 Reasons You Should Rent Your Home with a Cape Cod Rental Agency.” Renting your condo through an agency in the area such as Leighton Rentals will give you the stress free renting experience you want without the stress of managing the rental yourself.

make an ocean edge condo part of your portfolio

Planning for the Long Term

Owning your retirement home before you retire gives you an idea of what your living expenses will be once you live in the home. If you do decide to rent out your condo while you are not living there, you will have an idea of what the utilities will come to because your tenants will be essentially living there as you will one day. Knowing your expenses before retirement is a huge advantage and will prepare you better for retired living.

Buying Your Retirement Condo at Ocean Edge

Proper planning for your retirement will ensure that you are living within your means and limit the amount of unknowns making the transition less stressful. The last thing you want is to have to pick up a part time job to cover your expenses once you finally retire. Purchasing your retirement condo at Ocean Edge now instead of waiting until after you retire will only set you up to succeed if you can afford to carry the two mortgages at the same time. If you are intimidated by the idea of carrying two mortgages, meet with Leighton Rentals to discuss the idea of renting your property while you are not using it. To find your perfect retirement condo at Ocean Edge, contact Leighton Realty. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and the #1 Agent in Brewster since 2007. Let Michael and his team help you find the perfect property for your retirement.

10 Ways to Keep Your Ocean Edge Condo from Selling

Sometimes you need to look at things from another angle to get a clear view of what you should do to be successful. That is why we are going to look at how to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling. If you have a clear idea of what not to do to sell your home, it may help you to be more successful in selling your home and gain some perspective on how buyers see your Ocean Edge condo. Here are the top 10 was to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling!

Real Estate Agent

If you want to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling, DO NOT consult a real estate agent. A full time real estate agent is a professional that is skilled and knowledgeable in their field. If you do not want your condo to sell, do not get a real estate agent involved, especially one that specializes in properties at Ocean Edge. Michael Leighton knows Ocean Edge so well that he has been named the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004. He and his team know Ocean Edge properties and can help you sell your condo quickly and for the best price. Therefore, if you want to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling, do not consult a real estate agent! If you do want to sell your home, check out “5 Reasons to Be Thankful for a Great Real Estate Agent.”

ocean edge real estate agent

Price Per Square Foot

If you are a fan of shows such as Million Dollar Listing on Bravo, you are familiar with the practice of pricing a home by the square footage. The real estate agents on the show typically use the size of apartments to help determine the price they will set for the homes. However, they take in a number of other factors in addition to the square footage of the homes. Pricing your home by square foot does not take into account the location of your condo, amenities available with your Ocean Edge condo, upgrades and condo style.  You could over price your home or price your home under what it is really worth by using this method of pricing.

Use Zillow to Set Price

Pricing your home based on the Zillow estimate is a great way to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling! Zillow is typically 3 weeks behind the local real estate market, so it is not a current and reliable tool to determine the price you should list your condo. A tool that could help give you an idea of what your Ocean Edge condo might be worth is the Free Home Valuation tool on the website. Plug in your information and find out what your home is worth today!

ocean edge condo prices on zillow

Price Above Market Value

Listing a home for above the market value will keep a lot of buyers away from your home, so if you’re hoping to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling, this is a great place to start. A home priced above market value will typically sit on the market longer and once it does finally sell, it sells for well under the fair market price of the home. However, it is not always impossible to price your home above market value, check out our blog “5 Tips to Sell Your Condo Above Market Price.”


Neglecting repairs such as broken fixtures, doors and windows is a great way to make a terrible first impression. Home buyers are less likely to buy a home that is in desperate need of repair if it is not priced with the cost of repair taken into account. Therefore, if you are looking to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling, do not repair a thing and price it as if it was in perfect condition. Minor repairs that would be easy to fix yourself or major repairs left make buyers wonder what other issues have been ignored and what potential issues will arise when they buy the home.

repairs of an ocean edge condo


Along with neglecting repairs, neglecting to clean your home is a great way to make a poor first impression on a potential home buyer. Leave the dishes in the sink, the toys all over the floors and dust on the blinds for potential buyers to see in order to turn them away from your home. A home that is not kept up will give buyers a difficult time visualizing themselves in the home, which is exactly what you want if you do not want to sell it.

Pets Out

Make potential home buyers feel at home and leave your pets out to greet them at the open house! Some buyers might have allergies, aversions to animals or find having animals out and about while looking at your home distracting. To keep from selling your Ocean Edge condo, leaving your pets to roam your condo is a great way to turn buyers away.

pets in an ocean edge brewster condo

No Showings

Open houses or showings are a great way to get people in the door of your home, and could possibly generate offers to buy your home. If you really want to keep from selling your Ocean Edge condo, do not have open houses or showings! When a home buyer sees a condo for sale at Ocean Edge, they typically like to go see the home before presenting an offer. Stop buyers in their tracks and do not have an open house at all so buyers do not try to buy your home. Home buyers will sometimes request showings of a home if they are interested in the online ad or paper ad marketing the property. Deny the buyers the opportunity to see the home to keep them from snatching it up!

Stay for the Open House

It’s your home after all, why not stay for the open house? If you want to keep from selling your Ocean Edge condo, you should absolutely attend your open house. During an open house, home buyers walk around your condo to see if hey can envision themselves living in the home. However, if you do want to sell your home, check out our blog, “Top 7 Open House Mistakes Sellers Make” so that you are prepared for your next open house!

open houses at ocean edge brewster

Highest Offer Wins

Your home’s appraisal is what the buyer should expect to pay for the home. If an appraisal comes in lower than the high offer, they could walk away. This is great news if you really want to keep from selling your Ocean Edge condo. What can you expect from the appraisal process of your home? Check out our blog, “Ocean Edge Brewster Condo Appraisals: What to Expect.”

How to Keep Your Ocean Edge Condo from Selling

Obviously you want to sell your home, and you do not really want to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling. Seeing what you should not do in order to be successful in selling your Ocean Edge condo will help you make the right choices and sell your home quickly. For more tips on how to sell your Ocean Edge condo, check out our blog, “Ocean Edge Brewster – How to Sell Your Condo ASAP.”

Spring Cleaning Your Ocean Edge Condo to Get it Ready to Sell

Spring has officially sprung and now that the icy cold temperatures are behind us, it’s time to focus on spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo to get it ready to sell! The spring real estate market is always a hot time of year to sell properties, so make sure your home is warm and inviting instead of stuffy and worn from the harsh winter months. During the winter months a lot of damage is done to properties, whether you live there year round, or your condo is closed up for the season. In addition to cleaning, check out your decor. Our blog, “Delight Ocean Edge Condo Buyers with our 3 DIY Decorating Tips” will help you get your Ocean Edge condo ready for buyers during the spring real estate market.  The warm spring air gives you the ability to open all the windows, enjoy the warm sunshine and give your home a thorough cleaning. Here is how you can start spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo to get it ready to sell!

Clean the Vents

Typically when a home buyer is touring a home, they do not look up, but if they did would they catch a glimpse of a dirty HVAC vent? You have lived in your home a long time, you’ve been cooped up in your home all winter or haven’t seen it all winter because it’s been closed up. When you are spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo, you could easily overlook cleaning those heating and cooling vents. Your system carries a lot of allergens, which during the spring months we get enough of as it is. Dirty vents could make potential buyers wonder how often the filters and vents had been cleaned, and what kind of allergens could be lurking inside your system. Make sure you clean not only the vent covers, but you also change over the filter so that clean fresh air circulates throughout the condo and not dusty, stuffy air. If this is your first time selling your home, and you’re not sure what to expect from your first open house, check out our blog, “Top 7 Open House Mistakes Sellers Make.” This guide to open houses will help you understand what to expect and how to avoid common sellers mistakes during open houses.

clean vents


The cold winter months have blanketed your home with a coating of dust, and it is time to shake it off. It is surprising how much of a difference simply dusting your home will make, so it is important not to forget to do this when spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo. It is especially important to remember to clean your blinds. The blinds in your condo let in the light, so you do not want to filter that light through the dust because it will not appeal to home buyers. One dusting hack we have found for dusting blinds requires kitchen tongs, a pair of socks and rubber bands. Cover each side of the tongs with a sock, and secure with rubber bands. Clamp down on each blind and slide side to side. Cleaning your home thoroughly is one of the steps you can take to sell your home quickly. Read our blog, “Ocean Edge Brewster – How to Sell Your Condo ASAP” to find out other ways to sell your home quickly and for the right price.

Window Washing

Now that the blinds have been dusted, it is time to take care of those windows! Spotty dirty windows prevent the natural light from coming into your condo and making the place feel fresh appealing to home buyers. The cold winter elements do a number on your windows, as do little noses pressed up against them waiting to be able to go outside to play. Time to wipe those finger prints, nose prints and dirt off of the windows and let your condo shine. If you are not a fan of the window cleaning products that use harsh chemicals, there are plenty of eco friendly products that you can use that are just as effective as the products we grew up using. Next time you are in the grocery store, check out the organic / all natural aisle. There are plenty of cleaning products, such as Mrs. Meyers that are easy on your skin, clean just as well as the products that use harsh chemicals, and have a clean fresh scent.

Cleaning Windows in Your Ocean Edge Condo

Tracks Cleaned

Now that the windows are cleaned and the blinds are dusted, it is time to take care of your window and sliding glass door tracks. When spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo, it is important to pay attention to the details like these tracks and take good care of them so they stay in good working order. The tracks catch dirt, hair and debris which can cause them to catch and not close completely and eventually start wearing on the door. Not only does gunk built up in the track impair the door or window’s performance, the debris and dirt is also unattractive to the eye.  To get rid of the gunk in your track, take your vacuum to remove all of the loose dirt, debris and hair that has built up over the winter. Next you want to take a rag soaked in a vinegar and water solution to the track and clean all the stuck on dirt and grime. Once your track is cleaned, spray it down with a lubricant such as WD-40 to keep the track running smoothly. When spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo, it is important to pay attention to the details, such as the windows and sliding door tracks because although you might not think that a buyer would pay attention, but after a long winter, this is the time that your condo needs that extra attention.

Spring Cleaning Your Ocean Edge Condo

Spring cleaning your Ocean Edge condo is important when selling your home because the winter is tough on the interior of a home. During the warmer months, many of us are out and about, so our homes are generally ready to be shown to potential buyers at any time with little prep needed. During the winter, many of us go into hibernation mode, so making the condo ready for showings can be difficult because your home has accumulated a season worth of rock salt, dust and fingerprints. Take the time to really do a thorough cleaning of your home so that you appeal to more buyers. If you are not interested in cleaning your home yourself, you could always hire a local cleaner to come and do a deep clean of your home for you. This money will be money well spent, and an expense you will not regret if you don’t have the time to clean your condo thoroughly yourself. Think your home might need a refresh? Check out our blog “5 Signs the Bathroom in Your Ocean Edge Condo Needs an Update” to see if sprucing up your bathroom could appeal to more buyers in the spring real estate market.

How to Market Your Ocean Edge Condo to Buyers

The art of properly marketing properties is often lost on some real estate agents when listing properties for sale. Many take for granted the current market, expecting homes to sell themselves once they put the condo in MLS and put out an ad or two. Relying on the current market instead of aggressively marketing a property for sale is a huge mistake. Even if the market is hot and demand is high for Ocean Edge condos, there is no guarantee that the home will just sell itself. You still need to market your Ocean Edge condo in any real estate environment. The more people reached by good marketing practices, the more people that will view your property. If they are not interested, they may know someone who is and tell them about your home.

A listing real estate agent who is aggressive in their marketing will get people through your doors and this will ultimately generate offers. Read more about what you should look for in a real estate agent in our blog, “Selling Your Ocean Edge Condo? Qualities to Look for in a Listing Agent.” The real estate agent that you choose to sell your property is going to get a commission for your property. A lazy real estate agent that does not market your property and merely puts it in MLS and installs a lock box will get the same amount of money representing your property as a real estate agent that puts in the time and energy to sell your home. Doesn’t it make sense that you would go for the agent that will give you all they have to move your property quickly? Here is how you can market your Ocean Edge condo and sell your condo quickly!

What is Marketing?

Marketing Your Ocean Edge Condo

Marketing isn’t the listing price of your Ocean Edge condo. The listing price is a basic formula that any real estate agent can determine if they are familiar with the area and the current market. Since Ocean Edge is such a unique area offering properties that are unlike any others in the area with unmatched amenities, you do want to list your condo with a real estate agent who is familiar with Ocean Edge and can price your condo appropriately. Michael Leighton has been named the #1 Agent for Ocean Edge properties since 2004, he and his sales team are experts on Ocean Edge properties and well versed in the amenities available to owners. Click here for a free condo valuation to see what you could get for your Ocean Edge condo.

Marketing is grabbing a microphone and declaring to the world that your property is for sale, it is amazing and buyers need to drop what they are doing to come and take a look because it will not be around for long. Proper marketing says that while there may be competition out there, your property is better, and this is why. There is no one method of marketing that will sell a property on its own, it is best to have multiple methods of marketing in order to sell a property. A skilled real estate agent will have a whole bag of tricks to market their property. Are you working with the right real estate agent? Check out our blog, “5 Reasons to be Thankful for a Great Real Estate Agent” and see if your agents measures up.


Photography when you market your Ocean Edge condo

Regardless of a real estate agent’s preferred method of advertising to market a property, the most important thing to keep in mind when selling your home is to get the photography right when you market your Ocean Edge condo. The photographs of the property could make or break the chances of selling the property. So many Americans have smartphones and tablets, where they browse real estate listings online. They scan through thousands of pictures until one catches their eye, then they will stop to find out more about the property. Too often pictures of properties are fuzzy, dark, off center or even use too many filters to try to spruce up the pictures  causing it to look unnatural. These photographs ultimately turn buyers away because they do not get a proper idea of what the home looks like and can not envision themselves living there. Photographs need to showcase a home’s key features to draw in buyers.

Many high end properties choose to use a professional photographer because it can be tricky to sum up in a couple of photographs what stands out about your property compared to the competition. Maybe you have a friend or family member that has a good eye for photography or does it as a hobby. It doesn’t hurt to ask and see if they would help you out by taking pictures of your property for you if hiring a professional is not in the budget for selling your home. Keep in mind that Ocean Edge has a number of condo units, and at any time there could be multiple condos for sale at the same time that your property is on the market. Make sure your home starts out strong and makes a great first impression to buyers by taking fantastic photos when you market your Ocean Edge condo. If you have the pictures and you have the marketing strategy but your condo is still not selling, check out our blog, “Your House is not Selling? Try this Now!” for tips to get your property sold now!

Market Your Ocean Edge Condo

When selling your home, make sure you do your homework and find a real estate agent that not only knows Ocean Edge, but also knows how to market your Ocean Edge condo so it sells quickly and for top dollar. Check out local real estate agents in the area and do not be afraid to ask them what their marketing plan is if you decide to list your property with them. Keep in mind when preparing to sell your home how important it is that the pictures of your property are visually appealing to potential buyers to draw them to your condo when house hunting. Pictures that showcase your home’s key features and set your condo apart from the competition are vital in selling your home.

8 things you should not say at an ocean edge open house

Honesty is always the best policy, unless you’re a home buyer at an Ocean Edge open house. It is always a good idea to be honest and forthcoming with your real estate agent, but you might want to hold your tongue when dealing with the seller’s listing agent! Your real estate agent is obligated to you, and the listing agent is obligated to their client, the seller. Ocean Edge is a great place to buy, just check out our blog “5 Reasons to Buy a Condo at Ocean Edge.” Before you walk into that Ocean Edge open house, take a look at these 8 things you should not say at an open house to make sure you put your best foot forward, and not right into your mouth instead.

“I can spend $….”

Before you go to an open house, you should have an idea of what your budget is to spend on a home and what you can afford. It is a good idea to get a pre-approval letter from the bank so that when you find your dream home, it is easy to secure financing for that home. Your real estate agent should have an idea of what you can spend, but the seller’s real estate agent doesn’t need to know how much money you have in your purse to work with. Letting the seller know what you can spend on a home could hurt your ability to negotiate the price later if you decide to buy the condo. When calculating your budget, remember to keep in mind the money you need to come up with at closing. Find out about these closing costs in our blog, “Hidden Costs of Buying a Home.”

“This is the Ocean Edge condo of my dreams!”

Buying a home is an emotional experience. It is not just a financial transaction, it is deciding on where you’re going to spend your time and possibly have a family. It is important that when you are looking at the Ocean Edge open house, you contain your excitement for the condo even if you feel that this is the one you want to buy. It is perfectly acceptable to express to your real estate agent your desire to purchase the condo, but you do not want to let the seller’s agent know that you love the unit so much. This will give the seller the upper hand, and could hurt your price negotiations. If the seller’s agent knows how emotionally attached you are to the home, they will be less likely to lower the price because they know that you are already planning room colors for the different bedrooms in your mind.

ocean edge condo of my dreams

“That dining table set is tacky!”

Just as your mother has told you before, if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all. Insulting the taste of the seller to the seller or the seller’s agent at the Ocean Edge open house will not get you any extra points when you submit an offer. If the seller has different taste than you do, it does not impact the property and is not worth mentioning. However, comments such as those might impact you if you are interested in purchasing the property. Negative comments about the decor could be taken personally and you could automatically be taken out of consideration if multiple offers come in for the condo at Ocean Edge. Sounds childish, but it is their choice and it has happened.

“I can’t wait to get rid of that!”

This is the same as commenting on how hideous a person’s taste in furniture is, you should keep the negative comments to yourself. Keep in mind this is someone’s home. You might not think that the owner is there, but some owners want to be present at their open houses, and linger trying to fit in as a potential buyer. Remember that this is someone’s home where they have built memories, and keep the negative comments to yourself. The owner could easily reject your offer or up their price if you do decide to make an offer purely because they were offended by your comments.

i can't wait to get rid of that

“I will give you (a really low offer)…”

Offering a low ball offer as a buyer could backfire. The home owners have the right to flat out refuse any offer, without countering. If the home owner refuses, you are out of the running. If you are working with a real estate agent, trust their judgement when it comes to offering a price that the owner would find fair and still consider a good deal for you. You want to make an offer that is either perfectly acceptable for the owner or a good place to start price negotiations. Do you have the right real estate agent? Find out by reading our blog, “5 Reasons to Be Thankful for a Great Real Estate Agent.”

“Why sell this Ocean Edge condominium?”

The condo you are looking at might seem like a dream come true, and you couldn’t imagine why the seller would want to part with the property, but under no circumstance should you ask why they are selling at the Ocean Edge open house. You might be curious, but you are likely opening up a can of worms which will make the sellers uncomfortable. The reasons for selling the property could be extremely personal and embarrassing for the owner, making them feel uncomfortable. The seller is obligated to disclose any issues that they are aware of to their real estate agent who is obligated to tell potential buyers. So if you’re worried that the condo is being sold due to a defect or structural issue with the home, it would be disclosed to you.

why sell this ocean edge condominium

“You’ll never sell at this price”

The more houses you look at, the more of an idea you get about what homes are worth. It’s easy to feel like an expert once you have been to an open house or ten. However, not all houses are priced the same. Village location, layout, improvements, etc impact the price of a home. The seller’s real estate agent took all of this into account and came up with a price for the condo for a reason. Maybe they left room for negotiations, but if you are interested, discuss price with your real estate agent. Negative comments regarding the price at the open house will not help you buy the unit. Trust your real estate agent to help you come up with a reasonable offer for the property so no feelings are hurt, which could ultimately hurt your chances to buy the Ocean Ege condo.

“What Do You Think of Living Here?”

Quizzing the neighbors about the neighborhood is not the kind of first impression you want to make at the open house if you’re thinking of buying the property. It’s natural to want to get an idea of what it’s like to live in the home you’re thinking of purchasing, but don’t come off as a pest to a neighbor you’re going to have to live next to for a period of time. If the neighbors seem friendly and initiate a conversation, it is totally acceptable to casually ask, but keep in mind that everyone is different. What one person sees as a great aspect of a neighborhood might completely turn you off. Take a look around and research the area yourself to get an idea as to whether it is a good fit or not.

Things You Should Not Say at an Ocean Edge Open House

When you’re attending an open house at Ocean Edge, it is important to keep in mind the things you should not say at an open house. It is always best to keep your opinions to yourself whether you love the place and want to make it your own, or if you really do not care for the property. Negative comments will not help you purchase the property, which is ultimately what you want to do. Contact our team at Leighton Realty to help you with the purchase of your Ocean Edge condo. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and the #1 Agent in the town of Brewster since 2007. Contact us today and let us help you find your dream condo at Ocean Edge.

Find Your Dream Condo at Ocean Edge

Buying a condo is a huge commitment. By signing a purchase agreement, you are agreeing to pay a large amount of money for your home every month over a 30 year period of time which not only includes your mortgage, taxes and insurance but also your monthly condo fees. With that being said, it is important that you do not rush your home buying decision and wait until you find your dream condo at Ocean Edge before signing on the dotted line. While you may not get all of the things on your wishlist for your dream condo at Ocean Edge right away, you can make a list of essentials that your home must have in order to purchase it, and work on making it fulfill your dreams in the coming years. Here is how you can find your dream condo at Ocean Edge.

Do Your Homework

One of many appealing things about purchasing your condo at Ocean Edge is that the property offers a variety of different condo layouts to choose from to purchase. The first thing you want to do when buying at Ocean Edge is familiarize yourself with the different Ocean Edge condo styles. There are all different layout options for your condo unit in the different villages located throughout the condo complex. Tour the different layouts and frequent open houses at Ocean Edge to see the condo types and see which setup makes the most sense for your lifestyle. Do you want one or two floors? How many bedrooms do you need and is a condo with a loft appealing to you? Some properties include garages, which can be appealing to many year round owners. Some features that are typical of a certain type of layout can be changed, so make sure you ask your real estate agent if there is a specific feature you are not sure of. For example, the townhouses have spiral or straight staircases. You may fall in love with a townhouse but dislike the spiral staircase. Fortunately, the staircase can be changed, as many owners do decide to do to their unit. If you’re not sure you like an open loft, some owners make their lofts partially or fully enclosed, giving them a little more privacy in that space. One thing that can not be changed is whether you like a one floor unit or two floor, or an upstairs versus downstairs unit. Touring the different condos will give you a clear idea of what is really important and what type of home you are looking for.

Location, Location Location

As they say in real estate, it’s all about location location location! Brewster is a beautiful town and you have already made a good choice in deciding to move to this town. Check our blog, “Moving to Brewster? 12 Reasons Why You Should.” You can always change the interior of your home, but you can not change where your home is located when buying your dream condo at Ocean Edge. Explore the property to find out where you would want the condo you purchase to be located on the property.

Resort Map - Ocean Edge Brewster Cape Cod

Would you prefer to be closer to the bike path, pool or Route 6A? Do you want to be close to the restaurants or the fitness center? Is access to the beach and/or golf course important? Avid bike riders prefer to be closer to the bike path which picks up by Ocean Edge. Ocean Edge is made of of villages on both the golf course side of the property and the bay side of the Ocean Edge condominium complex. Each village is home to units that have certain layouts that are specific to that village. Even those layouts vary a little within the village. For example, Howland Village is made up of all townhouses, unlike the Eaton Village which are all one floor units. However there is not a standard type of townhouse throughout the Howland Village, there are A style, B style and C style units. Once you determine which area on the property you like because of its location, ask your real estate agent about the surrounding villages and what types of condo units each house.


When thinking about buying a home, it is important to have a realistic budget in mind. Keep in mind that in addition to your mortgage payment, you will have to pay for utilities and condo fees. It all adds up fast and can hit hard if you are not taking these expenses into account. If you can not find a condo that fits all of your needs and wants within your budget, maybe consider a condo that is in your desired location and layout that fits your needs that needs some updating. As long as you’re in the area you want to be in, and the structure is appealing to you, the cosmetics can be worked on as you can afford to make the improvements. Focus on one room at a time or make minor adjustments to your property here and there to make it feel more comfortable for you to live in until you are able to finish it the way you desire.


By joining the Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club one gets access to a variety of Ocean Edge Amenities making this an ideal condo complex to own in. Depending on the type of membership you buy into you get access to swimming pools, fitness centers, … and even the private beach. How many homeowners on Cape Cod can say they have access to their own private beach? The answer is not many. You get also access to the recently built Beach Bar.

Beside the already mention amenities, another major draw to buying a condo here is the Ocean Edge golf course. It’s a Nicklaus Design golf course. The 8.5 million dollar project has been featured in magazines and is exclusively available to Ocean Edge golf members.

Ocean Edge Brewster Golf Course

Find Your Dream Condo at Ocean Edge

Buying a home can be intimidating. If you still have questions, check our our blog “Top 6 Home Buying Questions – Answered!” Ocean Edge has amazing amenities, multiple layouts and all are reasonably priced considering what you are getting for your purchase. This makes finding your dream condo at Ocean Edge easy as long as you have the right agent to navigate you along the way. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Sales Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004, so he knows Ocean Edge properties. Call Michael and his team today to see what condos are available at this beautiful property and start your search for your dream condo at Ocean Edge today!

5 Tips to Sell Your Ocean Edge Condo Above Market Price

When you want to sell your Ocean Edge condo it requires a lot more than finding a real estate agent on Google in your area and putting it on MLS. To be successful in selling your home for the right price, a seller needs to understand where buyers are coming from in order to get the best price. Many sellers believe that their condo is the best on the market, so of course many buyers are going to be interested in purchasing it. Maybe there will even be a bidding war because their house is such a great buy. They love it after all, why wouldn’t the next buyer? Unfortunately, this is often not the case and many homeowners settle for selling prices below what their home is worth because they just want the process to be over already. How to do you avoid this from happening to you? Follow these 5 steps to make sure you sell your Ocean Edge condo above market price.

Consider Investors

You might not think of approaching investors initially when you put your home on the market, but they are a great resource to look into once you make the decision to sell your Ocean Edge condo. Properties at Ocean Edge are great investments. As you may already know, many of the condo owners use their properties as income properties instead of their residences because of all of the potential for summer rentals. Investors know the value of a condo unit at Ocean Edge, and are often looking for the next great investment that guarantees a profit. Check out the investment potential of condo units when they are used as summer, winter and yearly rentals. Leighton Realty has a rental division that would be happy to discuss with you what your property could yield for an investor. You would want to do this beforehand, so when you approach someone who is interested in your property, you have the knowledge to present to them and know what your condo’s investment potential is and you get a fair price.

Price Below Market Value

This sounds counter intuitive, but it is one of the best kept secrets in real estate. If you price your home lower than the market value, you will spark interest in your property. Typically, you wouldn’t want to lower your price more than 5-10% below market value. This is just enough of a reduction for multiple buyers to become interested in your property, and want to jump on this bargain as soon as possible to beat out any other buyers. This is what usually causes bidding wars to start because the buyers are so excited to find such a deal, and do not want to lose it to another buyer. Once offers start coming in, you have the right to counter and also let the agents know that there are multiple offers on the table, so they should make their best offer to potentially get the property. Sometimes buyers are so caught up in trying to win, they offer more than what the fair market value actually is on the house, giving you a decent profit. Check out the latest Ocean Edge Market Reports.

Market Value to sell your Ocean Edge condo


Wait for Offers

Do not feel pressure to accept the first offer you receive when you try to sell your Ocean Edge condo, no matter how great it is. Let the buyer know by not accepting right away that you realize your property’s true value and potential price so you will not settle. After some time looking around at other properties, the original buyer could come back with an even better offer once they realize your Ocean Edge condo is truly one of a kind and they won’t find anything like it in their budget. Giving your property time on the market will give more buyers the opportunity to view your condominium online and check out your open house. This will give you the opportunity to receive more offers and sell your Ocean Edge condo above market price.

Stand Out from Comps

Watch some home improvement shows, pick up some magazines to see what the latest trends are and see how your condo stacks up. In order to get top dollar for your home, you need to make sure you have what it takes to demand that price. Seeking the advice of a knowledgeable and skilled real estate agent will help you make the right home improvement choices, as it can be overwhelming. With so many choices as to where to invest your money in renovations, it is easy to invest in the wrong area which eats away at your profit instead of add to your bottom line. Some renovations could boost your condo’s value by up to 10%, which is a good profit if you can keep your expenses low. One easy way to cut the cost of your renovation is to do the work yourself. Take the time to talk to your real estate agent where to focus your attention to get top dollar and be realistic with what you can do yourself and what you should hire a professional to take care of for you.

Highlight Key Features

Potential buyers need to know what makes your condo stand out from the other units that are for sale at Ocean Edge. Do you have solid flooring? A straight staircase? Renovated chef kitchen? Beach access? You need to make sure that this is highlighted in advertising when you sell your Ocean Edge condo unit so that it draws in buyers. Highlighting what makes your home special will make buyers more at ease to make an offer because your home is different from the other homes they checked out before your condo. Pay close attention to the wording of your blurb that describes your Ocean Edge condo and make sure the pictures are clear and appealing. Pictures are what sells a home. If the pictures are not good, buyers will not make a point of looking at your home. Millenials for example, rely heavily on pictures when buying a home. Learn more by reading our blog, How to Appeal to Buyers of Every Generation. Highlighting the right features will sell your Ocean Edge condo above market price.

Sell Your Condo Above Market Price

These five tips to sell your Ocean Edge condo above market price will not only get you top dollar for your home, they will also decrease the amount of time your home sits on the market. Generating buzz about your home by decreasing your price, making renovations and highlighting key features will get more traffic through your front door and sell your house fast. Figuring out what makes a home buyer tick is the first step in selling your home for a profit.

7 Tips To Becoming the In Demand Condo at Ocean Edge Brewster

After some careful thought and consideration, you have decided to put your condo at Ocean Edge on the market. The first thing you need to do as a seller is change the way you look at your property. You are selling a product, your condo is no longer your home, it is merchandise that you are trying to sell to a potential buyer. Put your sales hat on, and try to figure out how to attract the most buyers with your home. Your home needs to stand out among the other properties and become the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster. With these 7 simple steps, you can easily transform your house in to the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster and sell it fast!

Be the Salesperson

Of course it is difficult to remove all emotions from selling your home. Your home is filled with memories that are priceless. However, in order to be successful in the real estate market, you need to try to overcome your emotional attachment to your home and turn it into a financial transaction. Homes with sellers who are focused on selling their property without hesitation tend to move their home faster and moving fast could result in a better financial situation. This is as a result of buyers who are eager to move into the home faster, and willing to pay more to make that happen or because you don’t have the extra mortgage payment due to selling the house so quickly.

Good Clean Help

Consider hiring a cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning of your home before you start showing it. Whether you have lived in your home 2 or 20 years, it is easy to miss certain things when cleaning your home because you’re so used to it. You probably unintentionally miss the same spots every time. You may not notice, but a potential buyer walking in your home might. A cleaning company scheduled to do a “deep clean” will give attention to those dusty and neglected spaces such as the baseboards or the tops of your furniture. You do not want your home to appear tired or dirty to a buyer. Some cleaning companies will go to your home for a free estimate before charging you for the cleaning.

Good Clean Help for your Ocean Edge Condo

What Buyers Want

The majority of buyers are looking for a home that is move in ready. They do not need to do a full face lift or major repair in order to move their furniture in and start their lives in their new home. Take a look around your property and ask yourself if the property looks tired or in need of repair. If you want your home to be the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster, you need to be honest with yourself when evaluating its current condition. Before you schedule your first open house, check out our blog 7 Open House Mistakes Home Sellers Make.

What’s Trending

Start looking at home improvement magazines or switch on HGTV to see what the hot trends are in home design to transform your unit into in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster. Not too long ago, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops were the hot feature in any home. Talk to kitchen and bath designers in your local home improvement store to see what the trends are, and price it out to see if the upgrades could fit into your budget. If you could do some updates that would appeal to the trends of today’s buyer, it will only increase interest in viewing your property in person when a person stumbles upon it on an online home search engine.

Picture Perfect

A good sales person needs to be concerned with how they are advertising the product they are trying to sell. When selling your house, the pictures are really important. Buyers are on their phone constantly looking at images of houses for sale. First impressions mean everything when selling your home. If you are not confident in your ability to take pictures of your home, or do not like the pictures from your real estate agent, consider hiring a professional to take the pictures for you. Make sure they take pictures of the key features of your home so the seller sees what makes your home stand out from the others. These features will set you apart from the other properties for sale at Ocean Edge and make your property the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster.

Picture Perfect To See Your Ocean Edge Condo

Kitchen vs Bathroom

If you are considering upgrading a room or two, take a look at your kitchen and bathrooms first. It has always been true that the most important rooms to a buyer are the kitchen and the bathroom. If your kitchen or bathroom is looking tired or outdated, that will turn a buyer off right away. Focusing your attention first on those rooms will pay off for you in the long run and make your home the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster. Sometimes a big renovation is not necessary, just some new hardware on the cabinets or a splash of paint.

Focus on Key Features

To become the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster, you need to know what the key features of the home are and play them up! If subway tile in the bathroom is the hot features and you just installed it in your bathroom, make sure that you have a great picture on your listing and mention it in the description. These features help move homes faster, because buyers want them in the home that they are purchasing without having to do the work themselves. Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a house with key features that were there when you bought the house. For example, a beautiful hardwood floor is a key feature that many people are looking for in a home. Carpeting on Cape Cod tends to hold in moisture, creating a musty odor in the home, so solid flooring is always desirable for buyers.

You Are the In Demand Condo at Ocean Edge Brewster

A home seller that really wants to sell their home and move it as quickly as possible needs to think of themselves as the CEO of a business. The business of selling your house. Take an honest look at your product (your home) and do whatever it takes to make it appealing to buyers and bring you the most money. Selling your home can be a difficult and stressful time. Check out our blog, 5 First Time Home Seller Tips to make sure you are prepared!

For a free home valuation, contact Michael Leighton and his team. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Sales Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and the #1 Agent in Brewster since 2007. Contact our team and let us make your home be the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster and sell it quicker and for more dollars!