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Find Your Dream Condo at Ocean Edge

Finding your dream condo at Ocean Edge is easy because there are a variety of villages and condo layouts to choose from on the property in addition to some one of a kind amenities. Check out our guide to finding your dream condo at Ocean Edge!

Cape Cod Farmers Markets 2016

Cape Cod Farmers Markets are a great place to do your food shopping because you know where your food is coming from and any questions you have regarding your purchase can be answered before you buy it by the people who grew it or made it. Many vendors provide the opportunity to participate in a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture at their farm where you pick up a box of products from their farm on a weekly basis for a standard fee over a set amount of time. Have fun and explore these Cape Cod Farmers Markets around the Cape! Here is a schedule of the farmer’s markets around Cape Cod.

7 Tips To Becoming the In Demand Condo at Ocean Edge Brewster

After careful consideration, you decided to sell your condo at Ocean Edge Brewster. Now is the time to put your sales hat on, and try to figure out how to attract the most buyers with your home. With these 7 simple steps, you can easily transform your house in to the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster and sell it fast!

5 Closing Day Problems and How to Fix Them

You found the home of your dreams, and now it’s closing day. As a home buyer, closing day is often filled with stress and unexpected surprises. A problem with the final inspection, title clouds, and changes in credit could all make you question your real estate purchase. However, if you read up on the 5 most common closing day problems and how to fix them, you may be able to navigate these problems and live happily ever after in your dream home.

Home Warranty: Do You Need One?

All of the systems and appliances in your home have a life cycle and can go at any time. It is important to be prepared for the unexpected when buying a new home. Prepare yourself and cushion the blow of a costly repair by purchasing a home warranty.

Cape Cod Vacation Homes – 3 Things To Consider Before You Buy

Purchasing a second home is a huge financial commitment so you want to make sure it is worth the money and upkeep before making the leap. The trick is to find a place that allows you to relax and escape the every day without breaking the bank. Here are some things to consider before making the leap into second home ownership.

Top Real Estate Myths Debunked

Real estate myths have been around for so long, many of us just assume they are true. Unfortunately real estate myths may frighten people away from buying or cause buyers to make choices that are not in their best interest. Here are some of the most common real estate myths and the truth behind them.