7 Tips To Becoming the In Demand Condo at Ocean Edge Brewster

After some careful thought and consideration, you have decided to put your condo at Ocean Edge on the market. The first thing you need to do as a seller is change the way you look at your property. You are selling a product, your condo is no longer your home, it is merchandise that you are trying to sell to a potential buyer. Put your sales hat on, and try to figure out how to attract the most buyers with your home. Your home needs to stand out among the other properties and become the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster. With these 7 simple steps, you can easily transform your house in to the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster and sell it fast!

Be the Salesperson

Of course it is difficult to remove all emotions from selling your home. Your home is filled with memories that are priceless. However, in order to be successful in the real estate market, you need to try to overcome your emotional attachment to your home and turn it into a financial transaction. Homes with sellers who are focused on selling their property without hesitation tend to move their home faster and moving fast could result in a better financial situation. This is as a result of buyers who are eager to move into the home faster, and willing to pay more to make that happen or because you don’t have the extra mortgage payment due to selling the house so quickly.

Good Clean Help

Consider hiring a cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning of your home before you start showing it. Whether you have lived in your home 2 or 20 years, it is easy to miss certain things when cleaning your home because you’re so used to it. You probably unintentionally miss the same spots every time. You may not notice, but a potential buyer walking in your home might. A cleaning company scheduled to do a “deep clean” will give attention to those dusty and neglected spaces such as the baseboards or the tops of your furniture. You do not want your home to appear tired or dirty to a buyer. Some cleaning companies will go to your home for a free estimate before charging you for the cleaning.

Good Clean Help for your Ocean Edge Condo

What Buyers Want

The majority of buyers are looking for a home that is move in ready. They do not need to do a full face lift or major repair in order to move their furniture in and start their lives in their new home. Take a look around your property and ask yourself if the property looks tired or in need of repair. If you want your home to be the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster, you need to be honest with yourself when evaluating its current condition. Before you schedule your first open house, check out our blog 7 Open House Mistakes Home Sellers Make.

What’s Trending

Start looking at home improvement magazines or switch on HGTV to see what the hot trends are in home design to transform your unit into in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster. Not too long ago, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops were the hot feature in any home. Talk to kitchen and bath designers in your local home improvement store to see what the trends are, and price it out to see if the upgrades could fit into your budget. If you could do some updates that would appeal to the trends of today’s buyer, it will only increase interest in viewing your property in person when a person stumbles upon it on an online home search engine.

Picture Perfect

A good sales person needs to be concerned with how they are advertising the product they are trying to sell. When selling your house, the pictures are really important. Buyers are on their phone constantly looking at images of houses for sale. First impressions mean everything when selling your home. If you are not confident in your ability to take pictures of your home, or do not like the pictures from your real estate agent, consider hiring a professional to take the pictures for you. Make sure they take pictures of the key features of your home so the seller sees what makes your home stand out from the others. These features will set you apart from the other properties for sale at Ocean Edge and make your property the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster.

Picture Perfect To See Your Ocean Edge Condo

Kitchen vs Bathroom

If you are considering upgrading a room or two, take a look at your kitchen and bathrooms first. It has always been true that the most important rooms to a buyer are the kitchen and the bathroom. If your kitchen or bathroom is looking tired or outdated, that will turn a buyer off right away. Focusing your attention first on those rooms will pay off for you in the long run and make your home the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster. Sometimes a big renovation is not necessary, just some new hardware on the cabinets or a splash of paint.

Focus on Key Features

To become the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster, you need to know what the key features of the home are and play them up! If subway tile in the bathroom is the hot features and you just installed it in your bathroom, make sure that you have a great picture on your listing and mention it in the description. These features help move homes faster, because buyers want them in the home that they are purchasing without having to do the work themselves. Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a house with key features that were there when you bought the house. For example, a beautiful hardwood floor is a key feature that many people are looking for in a home. Carpeting on Cape Cod tends to hold in moisture, creating a musty odor in the home, so solid flooring is always desirable for buyers.

You Are the In Demand Condo at Ocean Edge Brewster

A home seller that really wants to sell their home and move it as quickly as possible needs to think of themselves as the CEO of a business. The business of selling your house. Take an honest look at your product (your home) and do whatever it takes to make it appealing to buyers and bring you the most money. Selling your home can be a difficult and stressful time. Check out our blog, 5 First Time Home Seller Tips to make sure you are prepared!

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