Ocean Edge Brewster – How to sell your condo ASAP

Ocean Edge Brewster - How to sell your condo ASAP

Selling a condominium at Ocean Edge Brewster can be an intimidating task for most home owners, whether it’s their first condo or their tenth. Their primary concern is how to sell their home, which is a multi leveled question. What part of the sale are you most concerned with? Do you want to know how to sell your Ocean Edge condo quickly? Do you want to know how to walk away from the home making the most money? Or do you just want to know how to best prepare your home for the real estate market in general? Your real estate agent will work to get you the best price for your property by comparing your home to other condos in the area that have sold. That is how your real estate agent will help you walk away from your home with the most money in your pocket. To sell your Ocean Edge condominium ASAP, your agent can help you by using some basic best practices in real estate.


Is it a seller’s market or a buyer’s market in your area? A buyer’s market is when there is more of a housing inventory than the number of people that are buying homes. In this market, the price of homes will be lower because the inventory is so great and people are desperate to sell. A seller’s market is the opposite. In a seller’s market, there are more buyers looking to buy a property than properties on the market. A seller’s market means bidding wars and high prices for the buyers because there are so few houses on the real estate market. Your real estate agent should be aware of the real estate market in your area to help you make an educated decision when to sell your home.

One thing to keep in mind is that Cape Cod is a whole different animal than the rest of the state, so you need to look at regional trends instead of state trends. The market can be different in the Boston area or western part of the state than on Cape Cod.

Timing for selling your Ocean Edge condo

Price your Ocean Edge Brewster condo well

Condos at Ocean Edge Brewster that are not priced correctly will not sell. A home that is priced too high will just sit on the market, which does not look good to potential buyers. Unfortunately, these home owners typically turn down early offers that are below their asking price because the seller believes that their home is worth way more and the bigger offers are just around the corner. This is not usually the case. The more time a Ocean Edge Brewster condominium stays on the market, the less interest buyers will have in the home. An overpriced home that has been on the market shows buyers that there is little negotiating on the price, and so why bother. If you choose the right real estate agent, they will help you price your home competitively so you are able to walk away feeling good about your decision. Do you have the right real estate agent for selling your home? Find out in our blog, “5 Reasons to be Thankful for a Great Real Estate Agent.”


It was once believed that the only time to sell your home was in the spring and summer months. This was due to the fact that the majority of buyers were young families with children that needed to find a home and move into it before their children started school in the fall. While it is true that many buyers with young families try to buy homes during this time of year, they are not the only audience buying homes. People are putting off having children until later in life, so many unattached millennials and child free empty nesters are buying homes throughout the year.

Use the old fashioned mindset of only listing in the spring and summer months to your advantage! If you list your home during the fall and winter months, you could be one of only a few other Ocean Edge Brewster condos that are on the market at the time. This creates more of a sellers market because your home is only competing with a few other condominiums. How do you make your home stand out among others and capture the millennial and empty nesters’ attention? Check out our blog “How to Appeal to Buyers of Every Generation.”

Season for selling your Ocean Edge Brewster condo

Fix it Up

It sounds like it should be common sense to say that you should clean your Ocean Edge Brewster condominium and fix anything that is in need of repair. However, sometimes those details are overlooked or not taken too seriously. You may be used to the chipping paint on the baseboard or dust above the cabinets, but a buyer is not. It is worth having a professional cleaning service come in and do a thorough cleaning of your Ocean Edge home before it is shown, because first impressions matter. They matter when you’re meeting someone new, and they matter when buyers see your home for the first time. If something is broken, take the time to fix it before a potential buyer turns away from your property. If you have carpeting, invest in a company or a professional carpet cleaner to make it look brand new for buyers. For more tips on how to sell your home, check out our blog “Your House Not Selling? Try this Now!”

How to Sell Your Ocean Edge Brewster condo ASAP

Selling your home is a stressful time for anyone, whether it is your first home or your fifth. If you have the right real estate agent, they will help you get the right price for your home and sell it for you in a reasonable amount of time. If you are thinking of selling your Ocean Edge property, give Michael Leighton and his professionals a call today. Michael Leighton has been the #1 agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and the #1 agent in the town of Brewster since 2007. He will price your condo appropriately and do everything he can to sell your home quickly.