7 Tips To Becoming the In Demand Condo at Ocean Edge Brewster

After some careful thought and consideration, you have decided to put your condo at Ocean Edge on the market. The first thing you need to do as a seller is change the way you look at your property. You are selling a product, your condo is no longer your home, it is merchandise that you are trying to sell to a potential buyer. Put your sales hat on, and try to figure out how to attract the most buyers with your home. Your home needs to stand out among the other properties and become the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster. With these 7 simple steps, you can easily transform your house in to the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster and sell it fast!

Be the Salesperson

Of course it is difficult to remove all emotions from selling your home. Your home is filled with memories that are priceless. However, in order to be successful in the real estate market, you need to try to overcome your emotional attachment to your home and turn it into a financial transaction. Homes with sellers who are focused on selling their property without hesitation tend to move their home faster and moving fast could result in a better financial situation. This is as a result of buyers who are eager to move into the home faster, and willing to pay more to make that happen or because you don’t have the extra mortgage payment due to selling the house so quickly.

Good Clean Help

Consider hiring a cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning of your home before you start showing it. Whether you have lived in your home 2 or 20 years, it is easy to miss certain things when cleaning your home because you’re so used to it. You probably unintentionally miss the same spots every time. You may not notice, but a potential buyer walking in your home might. A cleaning company scheduled to do a “deep clean” will give attention to those dusty and neglected spaces such as the baseboards or the tops of your furniture. You do not want your home to appear tired or dirty to a buyer. Some cleaning companies will go to your home for a free estimate before charging you for the cleaning.

Good Clean Help for your Ocean Edge Condo

What Buyers Want

The majority of buyers are looking for a home that is move in ready. They do not need to do a full face lift or major repair in order to move their furniture in and start their lives in their new home. Take a look around your property and ask yourself if the property looks tired or in need of repair. If you want your home to be the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster, you need to be honest with yourself when evaluating its current condition. Before you schedule your first open house, check out our blog 7 Open House Mistakes Home Sellers Make.

What’s Trending

Start looking at home improvement magazines or switch on HGTV to see what the hot trends are in home design to transform your unit into in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster. Not too long ago, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops were the hot feature in any home. Talk to kitchen and bath designers in your local home improvement store to see what the trends are, and price it out to see if the upgrades could fit into your budget. If you could do some updates that would appeal to the trends of today’s buyer, it will only increase interest in viewing your property in person when a person stumbles upon it on an online home search engine.

Picture Perfect

A good sales person needs to be concerned with how they are advertising the product they are trying to sell. When selling your house, the pictures are really important. Buyers are on their phone constantly looking at images of houses for sale. First impressions mean everything when selling your home. If you are not confident in your ability to take pictures of your home, or do not like the pictures from your real estate agent, consider hiring a professional to take the pictures for you. Make sure they take pictures of the key features of your home so the seller sees what makes your home stand out from the others. These features will set you apart from the other properties for sale at Ocean Edge and make your property the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster.

Picture Perfect To See Your Ocean Edge Condo

Kitchen vs Bathroom

If you are considering upgrading a room or two, take a look at your kitchen and bathrooms first. It has always been true that the most important rooms to a buyer are the kitchen and the bathroom. If your kitchen or bathroom is looking tired or outdated, that will turn a buyer off right away. Focusing your attention first on those rooms will pay off for you in the long run and make your home the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster. Sometimes a big renovation is not necessary, just some new hardware on the cabinets or a splash of paint.

Focus on Key Features

To become the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster, you need to know what the key features of the home are and play them up! If subway tile in the bathroom is the hot features and you just installed it in your bathroom, make sure that you have a great picture on your listing and mention it in the description. These features help move homes faster, because buyers want them in the home that they are purchasing without having to do the work themselves. Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a house with key features that were there when you bought the house. For example, a beautiful hardwood floor is a key feature that many people are looking for in a home. Carpeting on Cape Cod tends to hold in moisture, creating a musty odor in the home, so solid flooring is always desirable for buyers.

You Are the In Demand Condo at Ocean Edge Brewster

A home seller that really wants to sell their home and move it as quickly as possible needs to think of themselves as the CEO of a business. The business of selling your house. Take an honest look at your product (your home) and do whatever it takes to make it appealing to buyers and bring you the most money. Selling your home can be a difficult and stressful time. Check out our blog, 5 First Time Home Seller Tips to make sure you are prepared!

For a free home valuation, contact Michael Leighton and his team. Michael Leighton has been the #1 Sales Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and the #1 Agent in Brewster since 2007. Contact our team and let us make your home be the in demand condo at Ocean Edge Brewster and sell it quicker and for more dollars!


5 Reasons to Buy a Condo at Ocean Edge

The town of Brewster is truly one of a kind. The town is able to maintain its rural charm due to the fact that over one third has been made into watershed protection areas, conservation land and recreational space. Brewster is also home to the largest resort condominium complex on the Lower Cape, Ocean Edge. This condominium complex offers an array of options for buyers, from one bedroom apartments to luxury townhouses and free standing patio homes. The amenities available to those who decide to join the Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club include access to a Nicklaus designed 18-hole golf course, indoor & outdoor pools, tennis courts, private beach and fitness center. You’ll also find on site restaurants and bars as well as the Cape Cod Rail Trail abutting the golf course side of the complex. For these reasons, many people decide to buy a condo at Ocean Edge.

What Types Of Properties Does Ocean Edge Offer?

The Bayside area of Ocean Edge offers the most luxurious condos which are located within a short distance to a private beach.

The Village/Golf Course area of Ocean Edge is scattered between ponds and the golf course around the property. Free standing patio homes in the villages of Middlecott, Allerton and Susanna are close to the Rt 6A entrance of the property. The villages of Chilton and Eaton offer 2 bedroom, garden style condos centrally located on the property. Fletcher Village offers 1 bedroom apartment units that are close to pools and tennis courts. Trevor, Howland and Billington offer 2-2.5 bedroom townhouse style units.

Still not convinced?

Here are 5 reasons to buy a condo at Ocean Edge:

Buy a Condo at Ocean Edge

1. A Condo is Cheaper than a House

The town of Brewster offers a landscape that appears nearly untouched. It offers a small downtown area on Route 6A, amazing trails and beautiful beaches. The amount of conservation land and natural vegetation in this town is rare, even for Cape Cod. This makes Brewster a highly desired town to live in year round as well as own a second vacation home. It gives you the feeling of old Cape Cod when you explore the trails and visit the beaches. Properties in the town of Brewster are competitively priced due to its natural charm. Ocean Edge offers reasonably priced condominiums varying in size and layouts suitable for almost any budget and taste. When you buy a condo at Ocean Edge, there is more inventory at a reasonable price offering the same square footage as a home in the area. In addition to the ability to live in highly desirable Brewster, you’re within walking distance of some amazing amenities.


2. Spend More Time at the Beach

If you own a home on the Cape, the last thing you want to do is spend your weekend weed whacking and mowing your lawn. What you really want to be doing is exploring the area, go to the beach and enjoy this piece of paradise you are fortunate enough to call home. A condominium offers homeowners that freedom by completing all of your grounds maintenance for you. There is a landscaping crew that trims your bushes, whacks your weeds, and mows your lawn. You could spend the day at the beach, go to lunch at one of Ocean Edge’ restaurants, and get home in time to have guests over for dinner without worrying about the condition of your front yard. The day was yours to enjoy, but your yard is ready for you to enjoy by yourself, with your family or to have guests over. Make sure to also take a look at Brewster Waterfront Homes and Brewster Beach Homes for sale.

Ocean Edge Beach

3. Make New Friends

At Ocean Edge, there is a strong sense of community. Some owners live in their condos year round, some rent their property to summer guests. One of the many benefits of living on the Cape is the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life from around the world. Living at Ocean Edge or even staying there a couple weeks and renting it out the rest of the time gives you the opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t have been able to met otherwise. The different property types allow you to control how private you want your living situation to be, whether it be in an apartment unit surrounded by potential friends or a free standing patio unit in a quiet nook of the condo complex. There is something for everyone when you buy a condo at Ocean Edge. The property also offers you the opportunity to meet people in one of their many restaurants, pools and sports facilities.


4. Income Opportunities

When you buy a condo at Ocean Edge, it gives you the freedom to live in your home year round, part of the year or rent it out. Many owners choose to rent their properties by the week during the summer months. Potentially, you could rent between 8 and 12 weeks during the summer, in addition to the shoulder months which are gaining popularity due to the Cape’s mild spring and autumn. One bedroom Fletcher units can rent for up to $950/week in prime summer and luxury Bayside townhomes can rent for up to $4,800/week. If year round renting is of interest to you, prices range from $800/month for the one bedrooms to as much as $4,000 for the Luxury Bayside condos. Due to the housing shortage on the Cape, renting your property year round is fairly easy. For an idea of what you could earn for a particular unit, check out our Investment page.


5. The Amenities

The amenities offered at Ocean Edge are like no other on the Cape. Here are just a few of the perks when join the club.

Golf Course

The gem of Ocean Edge is its Nicklaus Design golf course. This 8.5 million dollar addition to the resort is challenging, yet suitable for all level golf enthusiasts. Featured in Golf Magazine, this course is available exclusively to members of the Ocean Edge Edge Resort and Golf Club and their guests.

Pool Access

Ocean Edge offers a number of pools on property for members to use at their convenience on the Bayside and Village/Golf Course side. The Village/Golf Course side has the Fletcher Pools and Arbor Pools. Fletcher has an indoor and outdoor pool as well as a child wading pool. The Arbor pool is the largest pool which sometimes features music and movie nights. The Bayside has two outdoor pools and one indoor pool.

Ocean Edge Swimming Pools


Ocean Edge offers a dining experience for any occasion. For an elegant date night, The Ocean Terrace Indoors offers a full steak and seafood menu with a wine list to match. The Ocean Terrace Outdoors has a smaller menu, but the view is immense. For an English Tavern experience, complete with billards, wide screen TV and live music, Bayzo’s Pub is the place to be. Situated in the golf clubhouse, the Linx Tavern offers golf course views and a casual dining experience.

Fitness Centers

The Bayside and the Village/Golf Course areas each offer their own fitness centers. Both centers offer cardiovascular machines such as treadmills, elliptical, recumbent and stationary bikes and more. These locations offer a convenient way to get in a quick workout

Tennis Courts

There are several hard court tennis courts available for use around the property.

Playground/Basketball Courts

There is a playground and picnic area near the Sports Club. You’ll also find a basketball & volleyball court near Fletcher Village. Perfect for kids of all ages.

Bike Trail

The Cape Cod Rail Trail is right next to the Village/Golf Course side of Ocean Edge. From here you connect to the bike trails at the National Seashore and Nickerson State Park.

Private Beach

The Bayside of Ocean Edge offers two private beaches.


Take a look at the site plan to see where everything is located.

Ocean Edge Brewster Site Plan

So why should you buy a condo at Ocean Edge?

Ocean Edge gives homebuyers the opportunity to own a piece of picturesque Cape Cod at an affordable price. The town of Brewster is unique because of its natural landscape, which offers the quintessential Cape Cod summer experience. Buying a condo at Ocean Edge means owning a home to call your own in addition to living right next to one of a kind amenities. If you’re ready to make the leap to home ownership, make sure you’re prepared for your closing expenses by visiting our Hidden Costs of Buying a Home blog.

Whether you decide to live in your condo year round or use it as a source of income by renting it for part of the year or year round, you will not be disappointed. Michael Leighton has been named the #1 Sales Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004, and the #1 Brewster Sales Agent since 2007. Check out Michael’s 2015 Ocean Edge sales recap.