10 Ways to Keep Your Ocean Edge Condo from Selling

Sometimes you need to look at things from another angle to get a clear view of what you should do to be successful. That is why we are going to look at how to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling. If you have a clear idea of what not to do to sell your home, it may help you to be more successful in selling your home and gain some perspective on how buyers see your Ocean Edge condo. Here are the top 10 was to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling!

Real Estate Agent

If you want to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling, DO NOT consult a real estate agent. A full time real estate agent is a professional that is skilled and knowledgeable in their field. If you do not want your condo to sell, do not get a real estate agent involved, especially one that specializes in properties at Ocean Edge. Michael Leighton knows Ocean Edge so well that he has been named the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004. He and his team know Ocean Edge properties and can help you sell your condo quickly and for the best price. Therefore, if you want to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling, do not consult a real estate agent! If you do want to sell your home, check out “5 Reasons to Be Thankful for a Great Real Estate Agent.”

ocean edge real estate agent

Price Per Square Foot

If you are a fan of shows such as Million Dollar Listing on Bravo, you are familiar with the practice of pricing a home by the square footage. The real estate agents on the show typically use the size of apartments to help determine the price they will set for the homes. However, they take in a number of other factors in addition to the square footage of the homes. Pricing your home by square foot does not take into account the location of your condo, amenities available with your Ocean Edge condo, upgrades and condo style.  You could over price your home or price your home under what it is really worth by using this method of pricing.

Use Zillow to Set Price

Pricing your home based on the Zillow estimate is a great way to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling! Zillow is typically 3 weeks behind the local real estate market, so it is not a current and reliable tool to determine the price you should list your condo. A tool that could help give you an idea of what your Ocean Edge condo might be worth is the Free Home Valuation tool on the OceanEdge.net website. Plug in your information and find out what your home is worth today!

ocean edge condo prices on zillow

Price Above Market Value

Listing a home for above the market value will keep a lot of buyers away from your home, so if you’re hoping to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling, this is a great place to start. A home priced above market value will typically sit on the market longer and once it does finally sell, it sells for well under the fair market price of the home. However, it is not always impossible to price your home above market value, check out our blog “5 Tips to Sell Your Condo Above Market Price.”


Neglecting repairs such as broken fixtures, doors and windows is a great way to make a terrible first impression. Home buyers are less likely to buy a home that is in desperate need of repair if it is not priced with the cost of repair taken into account. Therefore, if you are looking to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling, do not repair a thing and price it as if it was in perfect condition. Minor repairs that would be easy to fix yourself or major repairs left make buyers wonder what other issues have been ignored and what potential issues will arise when they buy the home.

repairs of an ocean edge condo


Along with neglecting repairs, neglecting to clean your home is a great way to make a poor first impression on a potential home buyer. Leave the dishes in the sink, the toys all over the floors and dust on the blinds for potential buyers to see in order to turn them away from your home. A home that is not kept up will give buyers a difficult time visualizing themselves in the home, which is exactly what you want if you do not want to sell it.

Pets Out

Make potential home buyers feel at home and leave your pets out to greet them at the open house! Some buyers might have allergies, aversions to animals or find having animals out and about while looking at your home distracting. To keep from selling your Ocean Edge condo, leaving your pets to roam your condo is a great way to turn buyers away.

pets in an ocean edge brewster condo

No Showings

Open houses or showings are a great way to get people in the door of your home, and could possibly generate offers to buy your home. If you really want to keep from selling your Ocean Edge condo, do not have open houses or showings! When a home buyer sees a condo for sale at Ocean Edge, they typically like to go see the home before presenting an offer. Stop buyers in their tracks and do not have an open house at all so buyers do not try to buy your home. Home buyers will sometimes request showings of a home if they are interested in the online ad or paper ad marketing the property. Deny the buyers the opportunity to see the home to keep them from snatching it up!

Stay for the Open House

It’s your home after all, why not stay for the open house? If you want to keep from selling your Ocean Edge condo, you should absolutely attend your open house. During an open house, home buyers walk around your condo to see if hey can envision themselves living in the home. However, if you do want to sell your home, check out our blog, “Top 7 Open House Mistakes Sellers Make” so that you are prepared for your next open house!

open houses at ocean edge brewster

Highest Offer Wins

Your home’s appraisal is what the buyer should expect to pay for the home. If an appraisal comes in lower than the high offer, they could walk away. This is great news if you really want to keep from selling your Ocean Edge condo. What can you expect from the appraisal process of your home? Check out our blog, “Ocean Edge Brewster Condo Appraisals: What to Expect.”

How to Keep Your Ocean Edge Condo from Selling

Obviously you want to sell your home, and you do not really want to keep your Ocean Edge condo from selling. Seeing what you should not do in order to be successful in selling your Ocean Edge condo will help you make the right choices and sell your home quickly. For more tips on how to sell your Ocean Edge condo, check out our blog, “Ocean Edge Brewster – How to Sell Your Condo ASAP.”