5 Tips to Closing on Your Ocean Edge Condo Fast

5 Tips to Closing on Your Ocean Edge Condo Fast

When selling your Ocean Edge condo, price is important but closing quickly is also a priority in most cases. Closing on your Ocean Edge condo in a timely manner often helps you close on your new property. If you are hung up on closing your first property, it can impact your new property. The owner of the home you are interested in purchasing might not want to wait for your condo to close before moving forward with the sale of their home. Financing can be tied up and your approval for the new mortgage product could be put on hold until your condo sale closes.

Incentives for Closing Fast

In a buyers market or a sellers market, it is a good idea to be honest and upfront about what your closing expectations are if it is important for you to close on your Ocean Edge condo quickly. If it is a seller’s market, where the inventory is low and demand is high, let the buyers know what your closing expectations are so they come with their best offers and fastest closing timeline. If it is a buyer’s market where inventory is high and not as many buyers, it is a good idea to offer a closing credit if the sale of your condo closes within a specified period of time. This is a little bonus that might intrigue buyers and get you a faster closing. The cost of offering this closing credit is far less than what it could cost you if your home does not close quickly.

incentives for closing on your ocean edge condo

Add on Extras

When showing your house to potential buyers through open houses or private showings, you will be urged to depersonalize your condo as much as possible. However, you typically can not completely depersonalize your home no matter how hard you try. You are still living there after all, and it needs to still look like a home for buyers to be able to visualize themselves living there. When buyers are looking at your home, ask your real estate agent to take notice of anything they may have liked about your home that is outside of the physical features of the condo itself.

If a buyer makes a comment during your open house about how cute your window treatments are, offer to include them in the sale! Maybe they liked the bookshelf in your living room. Offer to include it for free in the sale in exchange for closing on your Ocean Edge condo faster. Buyers who are offered little extras that they liked in the house will feel like they’re getting a deal, or getting something for free which can be very exciting. Questions about your open house? Check out our blog, “Top 7 Open House Mistakes Sellers Make.”

add on extras to close your ocean edge condo

Upgrade Credits

Ocean Edge is a highly desirable place to buy for a number of reasons. The onsite amenities and the location are two main reasons buyers are drawn to owning a condo at Ocean Edge. However, if your home does not have the most cutting edge it can be a difficult sell as there are many beautiful units. Offering upgrade credits to make your condo more modern to the seller’s taste could bring people to your open house.

The ability for home buyers to make upgrades to the home they are about to purchase instead of the home owner making the renovations is more appealing. This incentive could help you achieve your goal of closing on your Ocean Edge condo faster because not many other homes offer that credit. For more tips on how to sell your Ocean Edge condo quickly, check out our blog “Ocean Edge Brewster – How to Sell Your Condo ASAP.”

upgrade credits when selling your ocean edge condominium

Home Repair Credits

If there are repairs that need to be done to your Ocean Edge condo, offering a home repair credit instead of fixing it yourself may be appealing to home buyers. With a home repair credit, the buyer has the ability to use their own contractor to repair the issue instead of having the seller use whatever contractor they want to use. A buyer might feel more comfortable using their own person that they trust instead of leaving it up to the seller who they feel might choose the least expensive option when repairing the home.

Giving the buyer that power might make them more willing to move up the closing time. Bumping up the time line and closing on your Ocean Edge condo may be appealing because once you are out of the condo, they can arrange for their contractor to go in and do the work before they move in to the property. They may have a time they are to be out of the home they are in now, so having the ability to work on the condo before they move in would be very appealing.

repairs credits when selling an ocean edge condominium

Increase Buyer Commission

Buyers real estate agents work on a commission, just like your selling agent. Increasing the percentage of commission the buyers agent would receive once the property is sold might encourage more buyers agents to bring their clients to your condo for a showing or open house. Be open about what your closing timeline is so that they are aware of the quick closing part of your home sale. Do you have the right seller’s agent? Check out our blog, “Selling Your Ocean Edge Condo? Qualities to look for in a Listing Agent” to see what you should look for in a listing agent.

Closing on Your Ocean Edge Condo

Closing on your Ocean Edge condo in a timely manner can be tricky to coordinate but if you offer incentives to the buyers or even the buyer’s real estate agent you might be able to pull it off! Looking to sell your Ocean Edge condo? Contact Michael Leighton and his team, he has been named the #1 Agent at Ocean Edge since 2004 and #1 Agent in Brewster since 2007. Check out the testimonials from clients that have worked with Leighton Realty to find out why Michael Leighton and his team have been #1 for over a decade.